What to get a girl with everything?

Happy Friday everyone! Today happens to be Ella's first birthday but since we aren't celebrating it until tomorrow I will post stuff about that later this weekend.

Right now we are nearing the end of Birthday Season in my family. I guess my brother and I get bored around July & August because all five of the grandchildren on my side have birthdays from end of March to the first week of June. This means that I spend a few months each spring trying to figure out what to get the kids for their birthdays - mine included.

I have been through enough kid crap over the last 11 years to know that:
  • they don't make toys like they used to (ever played with Hungry Hippo lately?)
  • 95% of the toy gadgets don't work and end up in the garbage (I should do a blog of what toys to avoid, especially for girls)
  • kids (at least mine anyway) quit playing with the stuff within a week (perhaps because it's cheap & didn't work like it claimed) 
  • (you had to destroy the box to get the toy out so if you have the receipt, good luck returning it)
  • I swear kids get 3x's as much stuff now than I did growing up
I have made it a personal goal to only purchase gifts that will be used, are disposable, take up little room and/or create memories. If I find one that works, I tend to use it for all our God Daughters + Anna. I thought I would share my idea for this year. Keep in mind all the girls are between ages 6-10 and like arts & cooking.

The aprons I purchased at Love Letters for about $25 (depending on the size) this includes the embroidery. Then I packed it with a box of cake mix, various sprinkles & decorating sugars, cupcake wrappers and the Wilton Color Mist. So the entire gift is around $35 and so far has been a big hit with the girls. Anna won't get hers for another 2 weeks, so let's keep it on the down low. 


Jackie said…
LOVE this!! I always try to put a lot of thought into gifts for children and this is a GREAT idea. Thank you for sharing!!

Jackie @ http://tofindtheline.blogspot.com/
Greg said…
Joey absolutely loves her apron and can't wait to bake with it. I'm thinking about doing a cooking segment with her in uniform on my blog. We can prepare Disney recipes!
Mollie said…
Ah, but what about next year? Srsly, though...cute idea.

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