Benching the Quarterback

There is one question I face each and every day that I absolutely dread. I would bet that is true of most moms, employed or not. I'm sure you know where I am going with this.

What's for dinner?
 Typically followed by:

I'm stttaaaaarrrrrvvvving!

And that is coming from Pete. But I really can't blame him. By the time I get home, I am pretty ravenous myself. It's typically 6:00, maybe 6:30 and while, sure, I guess I could plan out a meal schedule for the week...  but... I mean really people? I am lucky I know:
  • what day it is
  • who has what activity
  • most importantly, what guilty-pleasure reality tv show I will be watching (which, let's be honest, is the ONLY reason I know what day of the week it is anyway).
You combine all of that with the fact that my kids are "picky" eaters. I use picky because I haven't come up with a good word for their dietary preferences. I am lucky in that they will eat a wide variety of foods. They like more fruits and vegetables than most kids, but they are more particular in the way the dish is prepared.

For example: they like broccoli, cheese, chicken and noodles but the thought of putting them all together in a casserole would be a catastrophe of epic proportions. Sauces and condiments in general, with the exception of ketchup and mustard, would send them into a tail-spin. Don't even think about mayo–God forbid it cross our threshold.
So here I am each and every night trying to think of something quick, simple, Alex/Anna approved, ideally balanced or somewhat healthy and that Pete and I might enjoy as well. (Please note they are listed in priority here.)

I end up relying on a few staples (I do try to avoid take-out when possible, so these are made at home): pizza, tacos, spaghetti, chicken, pork tenderloin, fish, burgers, scrambled eggs all typically with at least one fresh fruit or vegetable as a side item or two.

But the star of my line-up, my quarterback if you will, is the chicken nugget. Always available in the freezer. Pop um in the oven while I prep the side dishes or feed Ella. It is a no-brain-er. 

That is until IT happened.

Apparently there is some film out there, some mom-hating-being, created a video showing how these life saving, golden nuggets from heaven are made. Who wants to know that? Can't we just leave a good thing alone?

I guess not. This fine piece of footage was shown to my children. My already picky eaters. I am hoping this is a phase and it too shall pass, but for now they have both sworn off the nugget. My star player has been benched. And of course I have a colossal bag of them in the freezer from Sam's just waiting for the next game.


The only joy I have in this, is that at least they haven't figured out that a chicken patty is basically a giant nugget.


Anonymous said…
Ha, Caitlyn is convinced that is how they make them everywhere but in the USA.....can I have the freezer bag? LOL
Heather said…
That should be one of those universal understood things like Santa and the Easter bunny that people just know you are NOT allowed to talk to someone else's kids about! Can't believe they saw that video!
Sarah said…
I am sure it is not the end of the nugget in our house. My kids have a short attention span.
Mrs. Permissive said…
I call my picky son...a "selective eater" I like the term better than picky!
Sarah said…
I like selective. I may have to borrow that one. By the way, it looks like you are starting a blog. Let me know when you post so I can check it out. Thanks for visiting mine!

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