Conquering the Mommy-do List

People often ask me how I do it all. My only response to this is to laugh, oh if they only knew. Yes, I somehow manage to get by day by day, but it is definitely at the expense of some things. Today is a perfect example.

This morning, I taught Ella how to use a sippy cup. As you can see, she totally mastered that and I am pretty sure I can potty train her tomorrow.

Then I washed a few loads of laundry, tried to convince Ella to take a nap (which I swear she laughed at me), then managed to fold and put away what laundry I had washed but didn't get done last weekend.

After making the family a gourmet lunch of turkey sandwiches, I started my (I mean, my son's homework). Nothing like making a volcano on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon. But first, I had to make the playdough. Of course from scratch, nothing but the best.
Yes, I know what this looks like.

Next it was time for the construction. We got all set up and Alex's colleagues came over to get to work.

The boys powered through the task and the hardest part was keeping the girls out of the way. Fortunately another family gets to do the explosion experimentation. Operation LAVA takes place elsewhere tomorrow.
Next I took Ella for a little walk, straightened up the house a bit, cleaned up the volcano mess. Once the boys were picked up, we enjoyed a delightful meal at Chipotle (Ella fussed, while Alex and Anna bickered, and somehow I left with a headache).

On the surface, it would appear like I had a very productive day (which I guess I did). But lets look at what I didn't get done:
  • a shower
  • dishes
  • grocery shopping
  • vacuuming
  • cleaning the bathrooms
  • the rest of the laundry
I could go on, but you get the point. Yes, tomorrow is another day and I may check off another item or two on the list... the ever growing Mommy-do list.


Elizabeth said…
Remind me not to have kids- BTW- I love the pictures of Ella, she is gettin so big! SOOOO cute!
Sarah said…
Thanks. I think she will be crawling any day. Who knows, she may be walking by the time you come visit.
Anonymous said…
You are such an awesome writer!!!! I'm reading aaaall your blog entries! Hilarious - and exactly like my house. Haha!
Sarah said…
Thank you so much! I really appreciate the comment and I am so glad you like it. It has been really fun.
Price Family said…
i am glad to see there are more people out there that speak the same language as myself...sarcasm! i am enjoying your blog and hope you dont mind if i add a link on my blog so i can keep reading.

Take care!
Sarah said…
Hi Brandi,
Thanks so much for the comments and for the link on your blog. Your children are adorable. I enjoyed reading about your family.


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