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If I haven't mentioned it before, I am a reality TV show junkie. I'm not all that selective but prefer those with any sort of competition. This goes for Food Network as well. I watched the first season of the Great Food Truck Race and was delighted this spring when food trucks started making appearances in downtown Cincinnati. I was a little disappointed in the first one I tried, but then I stumbled on New Orleans To Go.

It was a warm day, I think early spring and several of my colleagues and I headed over to 5th and Race where several food trucks were serving lunch. I was the only one who opted for New Orleans To Go and were my peers sorry. I ordered the Glazed Shrimp Po Boy with a side of Dirty Rice and this would have to be my pick if I were on The Best Thing I Ever Ate.

 They pile a mound of hot, crunchy, fried shrimp drizzled in a sweet honey glaze with a kick of spice on a toasted roll with lettuce, fresh tomato slices, pickles for extra tang and crunch, then they hit it with a special sauce -sort of a spicy mayo meets thousand island dressing. Seriously, heaven in every bite. The dirty rice was a meal in its self and delivered quite a punch of spicey goodness.

This lunch was so delicious I have been craving it again ever since, hence my one complaint is that they do not keep a regular schedule and can be hard to find. Many of the food trucks post their daily locations via Twitter, but given that I just recently caved and joined Facebook, I am not all that likely to open a Twitter account any time soon. They do have a Facebook page which is how I found them today.

I made the 3 block trip and ordered 2 Po Boys. One for lunch and the other to take home for Pete. I hope it keeps but it is that good, I just had to share and see what he thinks.

If you try them, please let me know if you like it (I love to hear I'm right). And if you do love it, you can vote for them to be on Season 3 of Food Network's Great Food Truck Race. Voting closes September 12, so don't wait on this one.

Given that the Tri-State is well known for its reality TV viewership and Scripps, home of the Food Network, is right here in Cincinnati, I think it only fair we get some locale representation in more of their shows. I'm just sayin'.

*Once again, this endorsement is just my personal opinion, not paid for or sponsored in any way.

*I found this blog as I was searching for photos and it looks like a great source for other food truck reviews and foodie topics of all kinds.

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Greg said…
If you like cajun, you should try out J. Gumbo's downtown. The etouffe is wonderful.

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