Pinterest Inspired Pink Party

Yes, I have created a monster. Ella turned 3 yesterday and about 2 months ago she started telling everyone about her pink birthday party with:

     • pink balloons
     • a big pink present
     • pink cake
     • pink candles
     • pink party hats
     • pink cupcakes
     • pink flowers
     • pink, pink, pink

I do love an excuse to have a party and I have to thank Pinterest for making Pink Princess Parties accessible to the average mom. I swiped some awesome ideas. Since Sunday was only a week after Mother's Day and we have so many little girls in the family, we had a Mommy/Daughter Pinkalicious Tea Party.

I found her dress on Zulily. If you haven't checked it out, you really should. Super cute clothes for kids at really reasonable prices. I think I paid $22 for this dress, $26 after shipping. It did take almost a month for it to come in though so order early.

Then I moved on to Pinterest for decoration ideas. Anna helped with almost everything. She made the lollipop tree and we filled different cups & jars with everything pink we could find.

I have been dying to try to make these tissue paper pompoms and yes, they are ridiculously easy and a cheap decoration. The large ones make 1 per pack of 10 sheet tissue paper - $1 at Hobby Lobby or you can make 4 small ones out of a pack.

Story of my life is that I work so hard making sure the party is going smoothly, I forget to take pictures. I really should task someone to be the photographer.

For the tables, I used simple pink plastic table cloths and a darker pink runner I actually had, but never used. The plates I purchased at Old Time Pottery years ago for a Pink Tea Party for Anna. They ran $1 each as did the glass tea cups which I dressed up with a pink flower. I didn't have enough tiered serving platters for each table so we improvised with a few trifle bowls topped with a silver charger plate. That worked well because we could fill one charger with the lunch course then another with the desserts and switch them out for an easy change over.

I did buy a set of paper lanterns (around $10) as a back up to the pompoms. I wasn't sure how they would turn out, but I recommend just sticking to the pompoms. We also made around 100 of the little pink flowers and attached 3 to a ribbon and hung them on all the windows & doors. Soooo easy. You get about 25 flowers out of a pack of tissue paper but the over-sized flower punch was $25. Knowing Anna, it will get plenty of use.

My menu was kid friendly: Mickey shaped Turkey & Cheese sandwiches, Chicken salad Croissants, Salame & Cream Cheese Roll-ups, Fruit, Mini Muffins, Mini Spinach Quiche and I had planned on PB & J but ran out of time and figured we had enough.

For dessert we had the sugar table pictured above, and at each table sugar cookies with pink sprinkles, brownies, rice krispie treats dipped in pink chocolate, mini cream puffs and chocolate covered oreos.

Beverages were chocolate milk, Pink Lemonade with Sprite to add a little bubbles and iced tea.

I had hoped the weather would have been nice and we would have gotten out the bounce house to burn off the sugar high, but that didn't happen.

We put out a basket with enough boas, beads, tiarras and ginormous diamond rings that all the girls could princess-ify themselves to their hearts' content. I think they all had a lovely time.

But by the end, this one was ready for a nap. (Yes, it is beyond time to lose the pacifier, but I am old and dreading that battle. One of the perks to being the youngest.)


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