One in the hand worth two in the bush?

I really wasn't planning on sharing this story. I figured it is just another day in the life of a parent, but while sharing my tale at one of our family gatherings this weekend, someone asked why it wasn't on my blog. So here you go.

Several weeks ago (when I was still debating on having a float in our parade and thus baking 10,000 chocolate chip cookies to pass out) I decided to take a vacation day Friday the 2nd to get ready and Tuesday the 5th to recover. Additionally, we have a pretty good view of our town's fireworks display from our front yard so we typically host a party that runs late so the 5th would be needed either way.

As it turned out, we had family and friends in town from all over and events scheduled all weekend. Our town even switched things up a bit and did their fireworks show on the 2nd vs. the 4th. With all this going on, it was obvious we would be best enjoying the parade from the sidewalk this year. (Perhaps TryFection will make its debut next 4th)

Alex and Anna each had a camp to attend Friday morning so after dropping each one off at their destinations, Ella and I set off to run some errands in preparation for our fireworks bash Saturday night. 

My first stop: Bonbonerie.

For those of you not local, Bonbonerie is a lovely bakery. One I would consider it a bit upscale. As I have said, I like to go for big WOW factor with minimal effort and sometimes this is best achieved with a little help. I like to buy a dozen or so of their holiday cut out cookies and mix them in with some of my homemade baked goods. (Yes, I am honest when people ask if I made them, but they really elevate the presentation)

Anyway, in I go. Ella on my hip, blanket on my shoulder, pacifier and keys in one hand, purse in the other. I notice only 1 or 2 other customers in the tiny serving area as I look around for the number dispenser.

Then I heard it.

Ella gagged.

Now I knew she didn't have anything in her mouth. She has recently discovered the joy of putting her fingers down her throat which creates this same effect, but I was pretty sure that wasn't the case this time.

I looked her over for a split second and decided my best course of action was to put my hand under her mouth. Sure enough, she threw up in my hand.

So there I am standing in the center of our little upscale bakery, a baby on my hip, blanket on my shoulder, keys and pacifier in one hand, purse and puke in the other. I quickly scan the room again looking for my best option.

Luckily the front door said push so using my clean shoulder, we exited almost as quickly as we came. With no garbage can in sight I found the first bush I could and emptied the contents of my hand just in time. Ella began to gag again. She threw up once more in the bushes.

Some how my super natural momstrength kicked in and I was able to open the trunk of my car to access the diaper bag and produce wipes without putting down any of the contents I was carrying nor getting yuckiness on any additional items. The wipes were a bit dried out, but as luck would have it there was a water bottle in my trunk with just enough liquid to do the job.

After cleaning up Ella, my hand, my purse and her blanket, I debated my next move. I decided since I had come all this way, it would be a waste not to get what I came for. So after a pit stop in the bathroom of the tea shop, we make our way back into the bakery and ordered our cookies.

Ella didn't feel warm or even look sick so aside from smelling like a recycled nutra-grain bar, things were pretty normal. I made the most of my remaining hour, running around town getting the other items for our party and lastly picking up Alex and Anna from their camps.

After a nap, Ella was great. I however picked up the bug on the 4th, Pete has it today and Anna just told me she is hungry but feels funny when she tries to eat.

This should make for an interesting night.


Carrie said…
I had to laugh at this one because when Bree was about Ella's age, we were at the Levee and a similar thing happened. She was in her stroller and I heard her gag. On instinct, I held out my hand and caught it to the disgust of others in our group. I found a trash can, emptied my hand and cleaned up with a wipe before making my way to the restroom to wash my hands. The rest of the group was still recovering when I returned. Only a mother understands that it's easier to catch vomit than clean a child and stroller otherwise. I'm sure the guy at Firestone would agree because I wasn't as lucky that time :)

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