1 Weekaversary

My kids are excited about the blog. 

Today I am celebrating my 1 weekaversary! I know I have said it before, and I am starting to sound sappy, but I am so grateful to all my readers. Thank you for coming. I love the comments, so please keep um coming and if you have ideas, tips or questions, I am all-ears.

I have had an amazing start (I think, because really I don’t have any idea what a true, good start is.) Today I topped 1,000 page views. I am guessing that is pretty good for a first week and if it sucks, please don’t burst my bubble. I prefer to stay in my happy place.

I am still trying to learn more and more on blogging. I continue to search out new blogs. If you have one, please let me know so I can check it out.

This is my take on a Hostess cupcake.
I have big plans for my blog, IF I can figure out how to technically make them happen. I would like to add a few sections like recipes and my favorite things list to name a few. Anyone with technical skills want to help a rookie out, let me know.

As many of you know, I do enjoy baking. I think the cupcake is just the most incredible invention and I have become pretty good at making them. I like to think of myself as 1 part Martha, 1 part Rachael Ray and 1 part Roseanne.

In an effort to meet my goal of doubling my followers list I am offering a bribe. This week only, if you live or work close to downtown Cincinnati, OH and sign up on my followers list, I will make you one of my specialties. You just have to let me know how I can get it to you. I am not kidding, this is self-promotion at its finest.


Mary said…
I love Ella's picture. I bet her Aunts will too!
Elizabeth said…
Hahah bribery, I LOVE IT!... I kind of do the same with my friends here- I make them follow me, and then I cook for them. 1000 views is awesome! That is far more than i have (i think im in the 400-500 range). I think having multiple posts a day helps, because people stop in to see if you have updated. Linking to facebook obviously drives a lot of attention too. Something I do at night when I have time to kill is flip through other blogs (Not sure if you have done this or not, but at the top of your page you can clich next blog... it give me ideas and links me to some cool blogs to check out). Best of luck with your blog, i love reading and I cant wait to see where this takes you!

And you can tell Ella, her Auntie Beth loves her too-- She is getting so big!
Elizabeth said…
By the way... you are missing a link to my blog here!!!!----> Insert Jane and Joseph to your blog roll :) Please, and thank you.
Sarah said…
I have a blog roll? As soon as I figure out how, I will be happy to.
Brandi said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Price Family said…
Looking good so far! wish i lived closer so i would love to be bribed! I can't wait to read about more adventures! feel free to check out my blog :)


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