What's Left to Say?

Come this November, Pete and I will have been married for 14 years + another 5 years together before tying the knot. That is a lot of time spent with one person. I have heard all of his jokes. I can even anticipate which ones he will recycle when he has a fresh audience. And he has mentioned on several occasions his frustration when I finish his stories (but I am sorry, he leaves out all the important details).

We have had several conversations multiple times. One of our favorites is "If we won the lottery, what would we do?" The funny thing to me about this topic is that neither of us play the lottery so the likelihood that we would win is slightly less than someone who actually buys tickets. Yet I can't tell you how many times we have discussed this very topic.

When two people have been together for so long, you start to wonder if there is anything left to talk about. I remember a few years back we went out to dinner alone, no kiddos, no rushing. It was nice, but it was also quiet. Not that either of us minded. It was great to get get out, we sat at the bar having a drink or two while we waited the hour or so for our table. I remember Pete commenting, "If people didn't know us and were just watching, they would think we would never last." We didn't talk a lot that night, but we didn't need to.

Why am I blogging about this you might be wondering? Last night as we were climbing to bed Pete came up with a new topic.

Pete: I wish I were as tired (insert long pause)...

Me: (too long a pause for me to wait)... at night as you are in the morning when the alarm goes off?

Pete: Exactly

Which then led to a conversation about what it would be like if we were one of the lucky people who only needed 3 hours of sleep or even no sleep at all.

I was thinking I would clean and cook and get so much done.

Pete said he would get a 2nd job. I had never even considered this possibility. I love money but Cinderella has too much to do. 

Funny that I day dream on this topic often but in all the time I have known Pete, this is the first time I realized he did too. Here's to the little things.


Jackie said…
My husband and I have discussed plenty of times what we'd do if we won the lottery, how we'd divide our money up, etc.... We never buy tickets either. ;)

Reminds me of that saying the author quotes in the book, Eat, Pray, Love. The woman prays before this statue everyday asking God to please let her win the lottery. Finally after several years the statue comes to life and says, "Please buy a ticket!"

Jackie @
Lynn said…
my husband and I are also celebrating our 14th Anniversary in November.. Ours is on the 8th..
Sarah said…
Jackie, That is funny. I want to read the book and am holding off on seeing the movie til I do.

Could be a while.

Lynn, congrats. Ours is the 29th.
Jennifer said…
Great post! My hubs and I can sit in a room quietly too :)

Greg said…
I figure playing the lottery barely increases my chances of winning over just stumbling across a winning ticket. That's why I don't bother.

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