Happy Monday!

I heard on the radio yesterday that today is officially the most depressing day of the year. Someone realized that:
  • Monday's typically suck
  • Winter is cold and depressing
  • It still gets dark way too early
  • Most New Year's Resolutions are broken by the 3rd week of January
  • Christmas credit card bills are due
I guess when you add all that up together you get the most depressing day of the year. Being the optimist I am, of course I choose to look on the bright side of things:
  • Tomorrow is Tuesday, which is one day closer to Friday
  • Winter is the perfect time to hide my work-in-progress New's Resolution to get in better shape under a huge sweatshirt and/or a Forever Lazy.
  • I can already tell the days are getting longer.
  • I set the bar low so I am still going strong on the New Year's stuff
  • January's credit card bill will feel tiny now that the Christmas one is behind us.
So I say Happy Monday everyone. Go out and spread optimism to all your downer friends, family and coworkers.

Remember when life was this easy? To be a kid again.


Jackie said…
Way to think positive!! I hate listening to the news (even radio news) because it's all so pessimistic. I hate it!!

Oh, and I'm going to need you to post a picture of you in the Forever Lazy. HIL-ARI-OUS!! ;)

Thank you for being my 100th GFC Follower (which prompted the post I just published.) I really appreciate the support.

Jackie @

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