The Bigger the Better

Large families are a dwindling trend. Even when I was growing up there weren’t many around. But in my family it seems to have been the norm. 

My dad is one of 6.
My mom is  one of 5.
I am number 3 of 6.
Even my husband is the baby of 6 – I know, right?

Growing up, people used to always ask me what it’s like to be part of such a big family. I never really knew how to answer them.

It was all I knew, so normal, I guess. It wasn’t until I got older that I grew to appreciate how special it really was.

When I was little I knew:
·      Our house was small
·      No one else would fit at the dining room table
·      You had to share
·      The way back of the station wagon was the coolest spot
·      You counted everything to make sure there were more than 6 before helping yourself
·      You didn’t lock the bathroom incase someone needed to use it while you were in the shower
·      Privacy? (please reread the point above)

Occasionally I think of how nice it would be to have a few more kids (fortunately Pete doesn't read my posts). Of course I am a bit bias, but my kids are pretty stinkin cute, so why not add a few more beautiful people to the world? 

My first two couldn’t be more opposite and I can’t wait to watch Ella’s personality emerge. I wonder what other children would be like. When I think of the diversity of my own siblings:

·      I was not really the smart-brainy one, my 2 older brothers, Greg and Jeff, take the cake there.
·      Obviously not the thin one, though it’s not really in our genetics.
·      Though I played sports, I wasn’t the athletic one – that goes to Joe.
·      Not the sweet one as my younger brother David is really the ultimate nice guy and nicknamed "The Favorite."
·      I am sure my sister, Beth, would say she is the pretty one.

So what’s left?

·      Oh yes, in a sea of smartasses, I may actually be at the top of the heap. (Although, it is steep competition).

I personally can’t imagine growing up as an only child. Who would I poke fun of? Which is precisely why we won’t be having any more children. As much as I would love to see how they turn out, I have no desire to birth, raise, pay for, referee or mediate between more than what I have right now.


Mary said…
Sarah, you really make me laugh. I think having three childen is plenty these days. If someone had told me when I was growing up that I would have six children I would have said no way. Looking back I would not have wanted it any other way. It wasn't easy and sometimes I think I must have been crazy. But for the short time when all six of you were home (before each of you went off to college)well, those were the best memories of my life.
Elizabeth said…
HA. Thanks Sarah

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