It Takes a Thief

Most people who know me recognize that I am:
1.     Opinionated
2.     Stubborn
3.     Conservative

I was extremely hesitant to join Facebook and nervous about putting any personal information on-line (No, I am really not kidding.) So to say that my loved ones were shocked about this blog would be a massive understatement.

I have heard all the Facebook warnings about not giving out too much detail. Not listing where you are, when you are out of town, if your getting married or on a honeymoon.

Not sure if you remember it, or if it is still on somewhere, but I also used to watch It Takes A Thief. If you haven’t seen this, it was/is a show where two former burglars break into a family’s home as if it were real then show the family how to prevent it from happening in the future.

I used to watch this show and think, “What would a crook take if they broke in our house?”

The blessing and the curse about having kids is that if you have kids, that is all you got. At least that is true for us.

We drive old used cars until they drop, we don’t have any grownup toys, our TVs are the big and heavy kind, no HD in this house. The masterpiece collection of fine art we have was handcrafted by an 8 and now 11 year old. Our furniture is all now 7+ years old and was purchased from the scratch and dent section when it was new. I do not wear jewelry and does anybody wear watches anymore?

The electronic devices we do have were most likely purchased on clearance, hand-me downs and/or freebees, and they would most likely be with us anyway.

What cash? – Oh you mean the 67¢ laying in the bowl with the paperclips, hair ties and buttons.

Oh wait, I do have quite an extensive fur collection. The thieves would just have to sweep it up from the corners of the rooms. I am sure they could make a nice dog-fur scarf or something. Very couture.

Pete and I have laughed that if people broke into our home they would probably just start trashing the place because they’d be so pissed there was nothing there.


John said…
You know, I've had this thought as well. I use location based services pretty much constantly and all my friends say someone is going to break into your house.

I think, well, we have an alarm system and what the heck would they take anyway?

Thanks for the article and good luck with your blog!
Sophie French said…
I see why you’re not wary of the thieves coming in to rob your home. However, you have to keep in mind that not all the wrongdoers are after the valuable possession, and may something that is way worse than mugging your home. That being said, I don’t think it would hurt to be a little cautious of crooks breaking into your house. Stay safe!

Sophie French @ San Diego Alarm Systems

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