Totally Random Thougths

One bit of advice I discovered on blogging is to read more blogs. So, I have taken that to heart. On I saw that today is national Nap Day.

Sounds perfect to me. And while I sadly cannot celebrate this fine event, I thought I would share a photo from this weekend:

Totally copying off of Oprah's favorite things list, I have come up with a few of my own:
  • Pure maple syrup - seriously, I had never had it before and didn't know what I was missing. A co-worker told me of her passion for real maple syrup and honestly I thought she was a little nuts, but I tried it and am forever transformed. Good-by Mrs. Butterworth. Anna agrees.
  • Copco Travel Mugs - I love these so much, I bought all my kids' teachers one for Christmas this year. I also saw they are on sale at Kroger this week for $4.99 
  • Clementines - totally in season right now and Alex calls them nature's candy. I peel them and send them to school for a great snack.
  • Naps - see photo above
  • This season's Survivor - I love Boston Rob and even though I can't stand Russel, he is so entertaining. I hope he stays.


Elizabeth said…
haha you must have missed last week on survivor.
Megan said…
love your blog sarah, and i'm a big fan of pure maple syrup, naps, and ed just bought us some copco travel mugs. miss you!

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