10 Rainy Day Activities

I typically don't have a plan for my blog topics. I go about my day and look for something that sparks and idea for a post. Today, I found that spark on Facebook. One of my friends was looking for things to do with her kids today. (For background, it has been raining here, literally forever. I believe my neighbor is working on an ark.)

While I happen to work full-time, I have to admit I have day dreamed of all the super fun, inspiring, kid awesomeness activities I would (direct the nanny to) do if I stayed home. (Of course I am totally kidding about the nanny part.) So I thought I would do a brain dump of everything I could think of that would make for indoor fun and little ways to dial up the obvious. I am sure there are a million more out there, so please share your thoughts. I'd love to hear them.

  • Any type of cooking but you could turn lunch into a pretend restaurant. Anna loves to design a menu, then we cook and she takes the orders and serves
  • Arts and Crafts Party Style: there is always a holiday or someone's birthday coming up. I find that kids are a bit more inspired/dedicated when they have a purpose for their art. Let them plan a play date and make decorations and invitations or birthday cards and gifts. If nothing is near, cards to the elderly in a nursing home are always appreciated.
  • Memory Lane: pull out the photo album or videos. My love to hear stories about themselves and about their dad and I when we were growing up. If you have copies to spare, let them make their own scrapbook.
  • Movie Time: to break through the ordinary, we will move out the furniture in front of the tv and grab pillows & sleeping bags, or when the kids were younger they brought in their "vehicles" and we made a Drive In. Add some popcorn and/or movie treats and it is your own theater
  • Splish-Splash: Depending on the weather, you could just accept it. Rain is just a giant sprinkler and who doesn't love to play in a sprinkler? Yes, they will get wet, probably dirty, but it might be the most fun they have all year, especially if you go out there and join in.
  • Splish-Splash II: If you thought I was nuts (and I am) about the outside rain thing, try putting the kids in their bathing suits and letting them play in the tub. It is amazing how a bathing suit and a beach towel can transform the bathroom
  • Fashion Show: Bust out the Halloween costume box and let the kids mix and match to create and put on a fashion show. Don't forget your camera as they strut the cat walk.
  • Out and About: there are always the local favorites like museums, play centers, even someplace like McDonalds. If you don't want to eat an entire meal, you could go after lunch and get the kids a small cone, then let them run themselves silly on the play area
  • Photo-Journalism: I borrowed this one from a previous co-worker. She gave each of her kids a disposable camera on vacation so they could capture their own memories. My kids loved it and now it is a tradition for our trips. But why not do it at home? You may end up with 15 shots of their toys, 10 of the TV and a few very unflattering shots of your self, but it could keep them entertained for a bit.
And of course, it goes without saying, whenever possible, ship um to Grandma's.


Jackie said…
We're big fans of giving the kiddo a camera and letting him have fun. It's cute to see the photos that he takes and I love when he directs us where to stand or how to pose.

Jackie @ http://tofindtheline.blogspot.com/
Jackie said…
I know I've already commented on this post once BUT...

I just recently started following your blog & am passing on the Versatile Blogger Award to you. Congrats!

You can find my post about it here: http://tofindtheline.blogspot.com/2011/04/versatile-blog-award.html


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