If I Could Pick a Super Power

Hi everyone,

I feel like it has been a long time since I have posted anything and I am excited to steal a few minutes away to write again. Truthfully, I have been pretty busy trying to keep up with all my New Year's Resolutions:
  • Cook more and eat out less
  • Spend less (which is basically accomplished by the first step)
  • Workout more (of course the bar is pretty low here, any working out = more)
  • Get the kids physical activity
  • Keep up on the housework (insert new chores program here: so far, so good)
I can't say that things are going perfectly but they are definitely a work in progress. We joined Town & Country and Alex & Anna have been enjoying their Kidz Fit program. My goal is to get them there 3 times a week. I hit the elliptical trainer while they are in the class and I attended my first muscle/cardio/torture class last Saturday. It was Tuesday before I felt back to normal after getting my ass kicked (actually "kicked" doesn't do it justice) by Jill. I wish she taught more classes, but Saturday morning is her only one. I plan to go back for my next beating this weekend.

For some reason the other day when I was thinking about what to write should I get the chance, I randomly starting thinking about The Incredibles. I began thinking what a waste the mom's super power was.

Stretch-ability? Who needs that?

Sure she did a few cool things to protect her family and I suppose I could stretch a few inches taller on a regular basis, but I would pick a way better power than stretching. If I was stuck with stretching, I'd rather have the power to stretch time than my body. Sometimes I forget I don't have this skill. When I get a few free hours, it's like the saying, "my eyes are bigger than my stomach." I get delusional of the amount I can do in the the time I have. Yesterday was a perfect example.

I left work at 1:40 to pick up the kids from school making it home by 2:10-ish. I had Girls' Night out and had planned to leave by 5:00 giving me just under 3 hours to get stuff done. I needed to:
  • get the kids a snack
  • help the kids with their homework
  • cook dinner
  • finish a few little things for work
  • freshen up for Girls' Night Out
  • get to the bank
  • get to the Post Office
  • get gas
  • blog
I thought I may even have enough time to workout, shower and get ready to go out, but as you can imagine, that was wishful thinking. In reality:
  • I got the kids home & let the dog out
  • Made them hot chocolate
  • Anna spilled her entire cup all over the table, floor and her cousin
  • I cleaned hot chocolate off the table, the floor, found Joey an outfit to wear so I could scrub her clothes and throw them in the wash, hoping to get them finished before her mom came to pick her up
  • Put away the hot chocolate mess, wiped the counters, etc...
  • Completed my work: estimates and emails
  • Checked my personal email
  • Made the kids tacos for dinner and cooked a chicken/pasta dish for Pete and for lunches
  • Helped Alex with his homework
  • Discovered Anna was no where near where she needed to be with hers
  • Fed Ella
  • Left the house without so much as looking in the mirror 20 minutes later than I had originally planned.
Perhaps one of these days I will learn that I can't stretch time but for now I will keep trying.


Jackie said…
If you figure that out, PLEASE let me know! I think all moms struggle with this!

Jackie @
Mindy said…
I committed to making a Dora cake and cupcakes for a birthday party tomorrow. I haven't even started yet. I planned to get to the store last night to buy the cake mixes. The weather threw me off so I have yet to do that. I planned to hit up Fantasy in Frosting after our class this morning. Again, the weather has hindered me and it turns out Fantasy in Frosting is closed for remodeling. I think I need to work on my planning skills...
Sarah said…
Mindy, anyway you can call Sam's and just order some?

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