Buddy System

I was originally planning to post a recipe for Meat Loaf today, but since to date, all my recipes have been a little less than healthy, I thought I'd better change directions. (I need to comb my recipes and look for some on the leaner side.)

So today, I thought I would share a few weight loss tools I have used, some more successfully than others. While you wouldn't know it from looking at me, I do fancy myself somewhat of a weight loss expert.
  • I have read so many issues of Fitness magazine, I could practically write next month's
  • I have tried Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers (a few times each, I think)
  • I have read several of the weight loss top sellers and some that weren't
  • I can recite the calorie count and fat content in almost any food, or make a pretty damn close guestimate.
But a'las, do as I say, not as I do. Thus I continue with my battle of the love handles (bulge is such an ugly word).

I find that I have the most success when I am tracking not only what I eat, but also the calories and fat in the foods as well. Weight Watchers does this by giving you points, Jenny Craig factors it in to the foods you eat, but when doing this at home it can be challenging. Here is a site that I have used for a few years.

This site helped me shed 10 lbs this year. You can search food, enter your own and even enter your recipes and it will break down the nutritional information. I truly loved this one. Oh, and totally free. How could I forget that part? Click here for more information.

This is one I just discovered today. I have signed up but haven't had time to fully explore all the features. At a first glance it looks like it also has food/nutrition tracking capabilities but perhaps not to the extent of Nutrition Data. It has a weight loss tracker, exercise log, all the typical stuff. What I like most about this is the buddy system. You can add friends and it is a support system. You can even post directly to Facebook, but I think I will hold off on that one. Oh yeah, also FREE!

If you want to get my reports, let me know. I will gladly add anyone to my friend list, however I don't want to spam people daily with my weight loss journey. Click here to check it out for yourself. Let me know if you do. I'd love to form a buddy system.


Christina said…
I tried tracking and counting calories. I used SparkPeople, and it lasted a week. Even on my blackberry, I just didnt have time to keep up with it. Good luck. I may check out the first one you posted if I get a chance.
Emily K. said…
SparkPeople has a lot of resources. You can track nutrition & fitness, get menu/recipe ideas, find buddies & support groups and make up your own goal lists & trackers.

I used the site to map out a training schedule for my first 5k and 10k, and i'm using Spark Recipes more to find new meal ideas.
Sarah said…
I tried SparkPeople too, but I think it was just bad timing for me. I didn't give it much of a chance.

I still use Nutrition Data for finding info on foods and I love the recipe feature, even if I don't officially log my food each day.

Today has been a great start (or restart, I guess.)

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