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Welcome Fox 19 Morning News viewers! Thanks so much for watching. I know you are just going to love the products I featured today and I hope while you are here you will check out the tabs to get to know me, read some of my favorite parenting stories, recipes and crafts.

Below you'll find photos, descriptions and web sites for all of the products featured today. I realize it is 2 weeks before Christmas and holiday treats are everywhere you turn, but what better way to get ready for your New Year's Resolution than to get started a few weeks early. After checking them out, scroll to the bottom of this post to enter the giveaway contest because as much as I would love to keep it all, tis the season for giving!


One of my favorite things about water exercise is that I can get a great workout and not all hot and sweaty. Some people love that, but I was not born with that gene.

The Aquajogger is a fantastic in-water exercise system that comfortably suspends you at shoulder level in deep water allowing you to breathe normally and move freely while performing a wide variety of water exercise. The Aquajogger components allow the person working out to determine the level of resistance they want for their leg and arm motions, ranging everywhere from very low, approximating a walk, to very strenuous, similar to a full-body fitness machine workout only without the joint discomfort and machinery. Makes low-impact, in-water exercise much more enjoyable, effective and beneficial. $44.95 and up.


I am a Biggest Loser fan and have always wanted one of the Calorie counter things they wear. I think I was actually giddy when I opened the box and found this inside. I sit at my desk a lot and would love to know just how many calories I burn in an average work day compared to a weekend day where I am much more on the go. My birthday is coming up, so sorry, this item I am keeping for myself but I will be sure to do a thorough post on what I think once I try it out.

The ePulse2 is the world’s first strapless, armband continuous heart rate monitor, pedometer and calorimeter. Until now, dynamic heart rate monitors required an uncomfortable chest strap and special watch practically restricting their use to serious athletes.  ePulse2 is the first device to make this technology practical and convenient for anyone who exercises or is interested in tracking calories burned or monitoring heart rate or step counting while conducting any type of activity from running to walking or simply doing daily chores. Included features are continuous heart rate and exercise calories burned tracking, target heart rate zones, exercise time, stop watch w/ split times, calculation of max/min/avg heart rate, calorie count down, day/night OLED display. Since the ePulse2 does not require any chest strap or special watch, it is great for any fitness activity. Powered by rechargeable battery.  $89.99


Out of Christmas present ideas? This is a great one for anyone like a college student living in a dorm to the gym enthusiast. It is kind of like a softer Crocs that is stretchy so guessing a size is much easier and it sells for a Stocking Stuffer price.

Nufoot is a revolution in indoor footwear, great for use in the gym. Made from sturdy neoprene, they are water-proof, super stretchy and comfortable footwear allowing people to simultaneously enjoy the stability of walking barefoot, the comfort of walking in socks and the protection of walking in shoes. Additional features include ergonomic designs and anti-skid soles. Comes in multiple sizes and colors for men and women.  $9.99/pair


Now we have 3 products from Sklz Training Center. These look great if you are trying to get the benefit of a personal trainer or mixing up your standard cardio routine but don't want to spend a lot of money.

TRAINERmat is the first exercise training mat designed to guide users through an entire body workout for the easiest and most effective at home workout possible. TRAINERmat details  24 exercises in graphics on its surface so you can maximize your workout. The practice exercises printed on the mat fall into four different categories: Pillar Preparation,
Movement Preparation, Movement Skills,
and Regeneration.  $29.99

TRAINERroller details 12 exercises in graphics on its surface so you can maximize your strength and regeneration routine. The high-density foam construction efficiently massages muscle and connective tissue. $39.99

HOPZ is the only item that is more for the teen instead of adult. Great for the high school competitive athlete

Develop core and lower body fitness and endurance in the comfort of your own home with the HOPZ leap trainer. HOPZ resistance training will help you to develop explosive leg drive and power and strengthen key muscles in your lower body.  HOPZ consists of resistance bands that quickly attach and release to ankle straps and belt rings. The ankle straps have built in show harnesses to keep the bands in place. Adjustable belt fits most weight sizes. Durable bands with resistance up to 40 lbs.  $59.99

Contest Information

Enter to win one of two prize packages:
  1. Aquajogger and Nufoot
  2. TRAINERmat, TRAINERroller and HOPZ
Two winners will be randomly chosen, each person winning one package.

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Contest details: The contest will last five days, closing at 8:59 p.m., EST, Wednesday, December. 19th. If a winner does not want the assigned item, another item will not be offered, they will forfeit their win and another person will be chosen. After e-mailing the winners, they will have 48 hours to respond before I draw another name. Continental U.S. Entries only.

Disclosure: I was not paid to appear on TV or review these products. I did receive a set of free products so I could show them on the program and I chose to give them away to my readers. These are just my humble opinions. I can, however, be bought off, so brand managers, let's talk.

Good Luck and if you win, keep me posted on your fitness progress.


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That is stretchy so guessing a size is much easier and it sells for a Stocking Stuffer price.
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