Cake So Addicting, We Call It Crack

My sister-in-law, Mindy, introduced this little recipe gem to our family. (So you can thank her) I believe the official name is Better Than Sex Cake, but being that I have a 10 month old, that name has very little meaning to me. 

This cake is so amazing, and simple to make:
  1. it's dangerous
  2. I have forbidden it in my house unless served at a gathering and should there be any leftovers, they go home with someone else
  3. it's so addictive we call it Crack Cake

Here you go, make at your own risk.
  • chocolate cake mix
  • eggs, oil and water (per cake mix instructions)
  • 1 can sweetened condensed milk
  • 1 12oz tub Cool Whip (I used the lite, like it matters at that point)
  • 1 bag Health Candy pieces (I only used half of it)
  • Caramel sauce
Bake a standard chocolate cake mix per the box directions
Let cool
Poke with holes using the end of a wooden spoonPour 1 can sweetened condensed milk over top
Frost with cool-whip
Sprinkle over health candy pieces
Top with caramel sauce


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