Love/Hate Relationship with Target

I am sure I am not alone in my love/hate relationship with Target. I love everything in it, but I hate when I go there for flip flops and leave with $100 worth of stuff I didn't intend to buy.

This wasn't much of a problem because there wasn't one near me so I avoided going there unless I truly planned to spend $100 or more on things I "needed".

That all ended 1 month ago. They just opened a Target a few miles from my house. This week, the girls and I went for the first time since its opening to get Anna gym shoes. I practiced as much restraint as I could muster and I am proud to say my bill was only $50. (I am making progress).

But I had to share this must have item I found. It couldn't have been more perfect.


Elizabeth said…
she has GOT to stop growing, I'm missing way too much.... and such a cute bib!
Christina said…
That bib is so perfect! I love it. I found your blog through Bloggy Moms. Im a follower now! Good luck with your blog!!
Mary said…
I love the picture of my youngest granddaughter. The bib is perfect, but she is what makes it that way. Soooo cute!
Katie S. said…
Love that bib! I tell my daughter all the time that she is already my little celebrity. Found your blog on themomblogs, I enjoy all the recipes.

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