A little raving, a little ranting

As you may have noticed, I've been a little less bloggy lately. A few reasons.
  1. I have been focusing on weight loss this last week and a half. I have been counting calories and it is time consuming but very effective. As of this morning I was down 8.5 pounds since I started. I feel like I over did it today though, so I am praying to the powers that control the scales and we'll see what happens tomorrow.
  2. I was caught up in the royal wedding hype. (Timed perfect that Pete was out of town this weekend and I could watch as much as I wanted without the disapproving looks or snide comments)
  3. I am pretty boring and couldn't come up with anything interesting to blog about.
That all said, I thought I would blog about some things I have experienced lately. Some good, some not so much.

  • I took the kids to the Cincinnati Zoo this weekend. Maybe it was that the weather was perfect, it was not in the least bit crowded, or perhaps that the kids were amazingly well behaved, or even that all the rain has made things so green, but I was totally blown away with the trip. They have really been working on expanding and modernizing the zoo and it shows. The park was lovely and the visit was short but fun. I highly recommend a visit if you are in the area.
  • I have to give a shout out to my brother (and all those) who ran The Flying Pig Marathon today. I feel exhausted after walking 5 miles. I can't imagine running a marathon.
  • The fall of Bin Laden. I don't think I have to say anymore.
I really just have one (which, I am having a hard time focusing on my rant, -hard to believe, I know- but I have the news on, and I am sort of in shock.) Actually, change of plans. I will hold my ranting for another time. This feels more important.

I just can't imagine hearing this if I had lost a loved one due to this man's actions. I always felt a little connection to the women who lost their husbands in the 9/11 attack while they were pregnant. I remember these children being called the 9/11 babies. I found out I was pregnant with Anna on 9/17 so she would have been one of the youngest of these children and it was something I thought about often. My heart goes out to these families. As much as this is amazing news, I am sure it opens old wounds.

If you lost a loved one either in the attack or as a soldier defending our freedom since then, I hope you find peace in this development.


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