Giant Bug Invasion

Yesterday was an amazing day. I particularly cherish these family outings because I know Alex's time for family fun is rapidly evaporating. He already complains about our ventures but at least he has fun once we are out the door.

Yesterday's agenda:
  • Big Bugs
  • Lunch at the Root Beer Stand
  • Swimming at the Swim Club
If you have never been to Glenwood Gardens I highly recommend going. It was such an adorable park, I found my self saying out loud "this is so cute" more times than I would like to admit. Yesterday was absolutely lovely so if the weather stays this way, the sooner you can get there the better. The gardens were beautiful and there is a charming play area for the kids. I believe 3-7 would be the perfect age but even mine at 9 & 11 enjoyed running around the tree, the houses, the trains and wondering what they would discover next.

The bug exhibit was cool but I think had it been at another location, we would have been disappointed. The sculptures were great, but the setting and the play area truly made the experience. Since my kids hate to walk and express there feelings openly, we only stayed about an hour and I didn't even realize there was apparently interesting bug information along the trail, so you may want to read up as you go if you can.

Since we were in the neighborhood and it is only open during the summer months we decided to head over to the Root Beer Stand for a bite to eat. This is also an experience and great for families. While the shop itself is tiny, they had a great area out back with plenty of shaded picnic tables and even a play set for little ones.

My pictures turned out blurry, so I lifted these from their website.

Well known for its freshly brewed Root Beer (a must have), they also make typical American fair. Alex was thrilled with his foot-long coney, Anna, Pete and I all dined on cheeseburgers, we had a variety of chips and a round of Root Beer floats for everyone. (Please don't ask me the calorie count on that meal. I wasn't tracking). It was just simple and nice.

Once home, I had really planned on making the kids read and do some workbook pages but was dreading the fight. Luckily, there was a message from my mom about going to the pool. Right now Kentucky won't allow babies in the local swim clubs (some illness spreading through daycares and not being potty trained-thing) so Ella stayed home with Pete and the older two and I hit the pool. As sad as I am that Ella can not join us (she is a total water baby) it is lovely to be able to sit and read a book or talk with other grown ups. It was the perfect ending to the weekend.

Let me know if you have any great family outing ideas. I have a lot of summer left to plan for.


It sounds like a great family day:) I have never been to glenwood gardens and now I am inspired to take my daughter there. I am following from bloggymoms, you can follow me back at if you wish
Elizabeth said…
Sounds like Fun! I miss the kids- I cant wait to see everyone again in August. I can't believe its almost been a month since i was home last. I started blogging again :)

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