One for the Dads

This morning while in the shower (where all the best ideas are born) I came to the realization that I am more like my mom than I ever imagined. In the past, I would have said I was my dad's clone. I look so much like him, a complete stranger once came up to me in a store to ask if I was Steve Laber's daughter.

I certainly have his build (yeah me - probably wouldn't be so bad if I were a boy).

His height.

You can even thank my dad for my sense of humor and wit (some would say sarcastic smart ass).

It wasn't until I started writing this blog about my life as a mom and my childhood that I realized how closely I am following in my mom's parenting footsteps. I started looking at this from a dad's perspective and how new dad's today relate to dads in the Boomer generation. 

My dad:
  • read me Mickey's Magic Grinder more times than I can count
  • taught me to ride a bike
  • tried desperately to get me to like soft ball (I didn't make it past t-ball)
  • practiced my spelling words and flash cards with me
  • let me pounce on his stomach just like in Hop on Pop
  • showed me the value of a dollar and the meaning of generosity
  • taught me how to drive a car
  • allowed me to be myself
  • my mom taught me to cook, but dad showed me how to make a mess in the kitchen
  • through his quest to create the perfect pizza dough recipe, I saw the value of learning from your experiences
  • coached some of my siblings little league teams
  • he helped me pick a college and career
  • found my first apartment
  • moved me in the green mini-van (may it rest in peace) more times than I remember
  • sat through my 4 hour dance recitals (if he was sleeping, I couldn't tell from on stage)
  • showed me how to check the oil (I don't think I have done it since then)
  • bought my first car (miss you Simon)
  • encouraged me to believe in myself
  • to stand my ground
  • and that there is dignity in admitting when you are wrong (of course I inherited stubbornness from both my parents so it takes me a long time to come around-but I am dignified should I actually admit it)

My husband (and other younger dads I know) also:

  • change diapers
  • feed kids
  • some even cook (I so wish this were Pete, just once in a while would be awesome)
  • help with the chores
  • deal with repairs
  • more and more are stay at home dads
  • take the kids for a walk in the stroller
  • play video games with the kids
  • weekly pillow fights
  • not only know what the diaper bag looks like but actually help pack it
  • frequently watch kid tv programs (why fight it?)
  • understand the importance of Girls' Night Out

I do believe this new generation of fathers have a lot more on their plates than the Boomer dads but I suppose that comes with so many working moms. My heart goes out to all the single parents of the world. I can't imagine flying solo on this journey.

To my dad, my husband and all the other fathers out there, I wish you a fabulous Father's Day weekend. May you get to fish, drink a beer, read the paper, take a nap or whatever floats your boat in peace and quite. Then get ready, cause Monday, we ladies are going to need a Girls' Night Out.


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