Move over Project Runway

This was the first summer I signed Alex and Anna up for some of the various enrichment classes offered by our schools (insert working mom guilt here). These one week classes come in a wide variety of subjects and all sound great, but each are only a few hours or so and I would have to impose on my childcare (ie. my mom and in-laws) to play the role of chauffeur in addition to refereeing them all day long.

Last year I had really good intentions of signing them up since I spent my summer on maternity leave, but once I got around to it, the ones they were interested in had filled up. (Yep, shoveling piles of guilt now).

This year, I made sure to sign up the night the packet came home. I let each of them pick two classes. Anna had such a hard time narrowing it down, I caved and let her do a third. Fortunately all the classes are within a mile or 2 of our house and my mom and in-laws have been amazing (I would imagine it makes the day more peaceful to separate Alex and Anna for a few hours).

This week Anna's class was called Over and Under. It was a weaving class. I really didn't know what to expect, but Anna is an art-aholic/craft-junkie so I didn't think it would matter what they did.

  • Monday she came home all excited and showed me a wall hanging and lots of string.
  • Tuesday she came home with this little bag. Given that my sewing skills consist of replacing a button, I was pretty impressed. 
  •  Wednesday she came home with a few balls (is that what you call them?) of yarn and had gotten much better at making the purses.

Yesterday and today I think they were weaving paper and other types of crafts, but Anna was already hooked. She is probably up to 4 or 5 hand bags by now. I will probably be making my first trip ever to a yarn store tomorrow and Anna will have an entire fall collection by Sunday.


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