Thursday, August 25, 2011

Soccer Mom - NOT!!!

Remember how annoying the "Not" phase was? Yeah, I am hoping my kids never learn of that one, but in this post, I couldn't resist.

I have always thought of the term "Soccer Mom" as an insult and thus rejected being labeled as one. I played soccer from the age of 4 through high school. I love the game and have enjoyed coaching my kids periodically when a coach was needed. As a player, I was not the star but could hold my own on the field and even in my out of shape condition, enjoy actively participating in the practices I coach.

Soccer Mom to me represents:
  • the mom screaming from the sidelines who most likely doesn't fully understand the game
  • the stage mom of soccer
  • the mom who pushes her kids to be the best
  • the mom who expects her 6 year old to earn a soccer scholarship for college
  • the mom who lives and breaths solely for her children's soccer 
Don't get me wrong, I cheer from the sideline but I have excepted the fact that my kids are not athletically inclined. They could care less and I am just happy to see them involved in something. I want them to have fun and form those childhood bonds through teamwork which link so much deeper than simple play dates.

  • But then I do drive a mini-van filled with kids to practices and games. 
  • Mine will be the loudest voice on the sidelines (though to my defense, only encouraging and praising comments from me).
  • I just had my team make signs to decorate their vehicles so now my van will have soccer bling.
  • I stayed up until 1:00 a.m. making these

    SO as much as I hate to admit it, I probably do officially qualify for Soccer Mom status.

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    Greg said...

    Soccer moms don't have to be obnoxious. They don't even need to have kids that play soccer. any mom that carts kids from activity to activity is a soccer mom. With those cupcakes, you definitely fit the mold.