What is Labor Day anyway?

I'll admit it, I have no idea what we are celebrating with Labor Day. Around here it sort of marks the end of summer, although September and sometimes October can be insanely hot especially knowing the pools are closed. 

Many people get together with family and friends for a grill out and the fireworks over the river is an event not to be missed.

Most offices and I think all the schools are closed the first Monday of September. Stores run Labor Day sales. Cinemas try to encourage viewers to spend their off day catching the latest flick.

But why all this?

I suppose we are taking a day off work to celebrate the work we do. I truly love the concept, but in all reality, I (like many people) look at Labor day as a day to catch up on all my chores. All the things I put off during the summer due to my job. 

On this fine Labor Day, I would have loved to sleep in, but instead I got out of bed at 6:30 (which I guess is sleeping in a little bit) to fold laundry and straighten up while the family was still asleep. I didn't want to miss the opportunity for peace and quiet. I wish I could vacuum but I am not about to blow this moment.

Later, I will probably run some errands (I just learned Alex needs new shoes and could probably use some clothes too.) I'll battle the crowds to try and save a buck or two. Pete will have some house project to attend to and my kids have had an extra day to procrastinate on their homework.

I wonder if Cinderella ever celebrated Labor Day.

I feel a little like Charlie Brown searching for the true meaning of Labor Day. If any of you have a Linus speech, please share. I am sure this holiday has some rich history and meaning that has somehow lost its way over the year and now all I see is irony.

I guess I shouldn't complain or question it. A day off is a day off and I don't know how I would get my chores done if I didn't get them from time to time.


Greg said…
If you really want to know the historic origins of Labor Day, here's a detailed explanation:


Today, it's mostly just a day off.

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