Do You Suffer with Mom's Guilt?

A good friend shared this article on Facebook recently (Thanks Megan) and I found it interesting yet I just had to share my take on this.

The article is well written and raises some valid points on a woman's decision to stay at home or enter the workforce. I too have had the opportunity to try both and even be self-employed working from home so I totally get all sides of this issue.

Personally, I'd love to stay home but it is not that I would assume I would be a better mom if I did. I like to cook, want a cleaner house, and of course it would be fun to spend more time with Ella, get my chores done during the weekday when places are less crowded, leaving me my evening and weekends to spend family time together and go do fun stuff.

However, I don't want to stress out when my kids need new shoes or glasses or a trip to the dentist. I don't want to worry about paying for Christmas and birthday presents or taking a vacation. I work so I can provide for my family without the burden of financial stress.

The part of this article that got me all riled up was the first 1/3. This poor woman goes to great length talking about all the guilt she feels as a mom. She feels guilty with almost every little choice she makes let alone the big ones. Personally, I lack that little voice nagging me all the time and maybe I'm different. I want to shake this woman and yell at her to put on her big girl panties and deal.

I am proud of the decisions I make. I know that I am a good mom regardless of where I spend my days. I know that every thing I have done has been because I believe it is in the best interest of my kids and my family. Doesn't mean I am always right, but in my heart, I know, I am doing my best.

I want to give this chick a huge helping of self-confidence. She talks about some women in a heated debate and how they were bashing each other and setting a horrible example for young girls to follow. I certainly do not disagree, but what about the example she is setting for her own daughter? If she is truly struggling with this little voice in her head telling her she should do more, be better, etc... I am certain her kids pick up on this. Get some counseling and end this self-torture.

If you aren't confident and proud of yourself, no one else (except perhaps your mom) will be. 


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