How Sweet It Is

I am so excited that I can finally fill everyone in on my good news from my Hold The Salt post. I wanted to wait until everything was firmly in place.

To make a rather long story short, the lemons I received came in the form of a lost job. No way around it, it is never an easy thing. I was told I had lost my passion, and I had. The first year and a half there were the best of my career. I loved my team. I had the best clients in the world. Everything was perfect. Then I went on maternity and and when I came back, it was all downhill from there. My favorite clients had moved on or did so shortly after I came back, replaced by some, well, not so fabulous ones. My team foundation was gone and over the course of the next year I watched talented person after talented person be laid off. Each one took a piece of me until last October when I came to the realization that I was done. Long gone was the job I loved and I spent another year and a half trying to put it back together but too many key elements were gone.

Back in October of last year I started looking. Not exactly the best economy to go job hunting but I did anyway. I had a few interviews but nothing that really got me excited until just a few weeks ago. Things moved pretty quickly and I was called in for a second interview. The day before it was to take place is when I was let go of my current position. Actually it couldn't have worked out better because I needed time off to attend the interview and I hated making excuses for where I was going.

The interview went just as well and I got an offer this past Wednesday. After discussing a couple little points, I am super excited to say that I will be moving on to Gravity in just a few short weeks. My accounts sound great and I will get to travel which I have desperately missed. I know several people at Gravity and can't wait to be part of the family.

I stick to my belief that everything happens for a reason. I am sad that I never got to say good-bye and thank so many people and I would have rather left on my own with my head held high, but this way I am released from my non-compete, got some precious, paid time-off to spend with my family, and possibly got the little shove I needed to jump without looking back.

Some advice was given to me as I left to really think about what excites me and I know exactly what I have always longed for in my career. I have always wanted to be part of a small agency and be part of the team building it into something no one saw coming. I had high hopes at two other companies I worked for previously, so who knows. Third time's a charm?


Christina said…
Good luck in your new job. I hope it was what you want!

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