Swimmin' With Sharks

Last week we got a call we had been waiting for, for the past 8 years. Yes, that's right. The Stieby's are officially members of the Swim Club. Several people have told us congratulations which I find funny. It is not like we earned it or anything, we just sat patiently waiting for 2,922-ish days for our turn.

I couldn't be more excited. It will be nice to come and go as we please and not have to find a member (my parents or other friends & relatives) to get us in for a daily visit. And I am going to enjoy paying it forward. Anyone wanting to go for an evening dip, give us a call.

It is a fascinating thing, this list. Currently there are some 500 families and at this rate that is about an 8-10 year wait. I can't really put my finger on just what makes this pool so special. For me, there is a family connection and childhood memories. My mom worked there as a teen. She and my dad met there over 44 years ago. If it weren't for the Swim Club, I just might not exist.

I also worked there in high school. I spent long days there in my childhood. Rode my bike and packed my lunch. Got there at 11:00 am and came home just in time for dinner. In addition to wanting to give my kids the same opportunities, its appeal to me is that it is cute, close by, full of friendly people, ample parking and you can usually find a chair. I guess it is worth the 8-10 year wait or at least some 500 other families agree.

This summer Anna is going to try out the Swim Team. I wasn't sure she would be interested but as soon as I told her they have a float in the 4th of July parade, she was sold. Alex is typically my indoor kid but he likes the water too. Ella would become a fish if she could so we will have to take advantage of the swim lessons and I want to give the water aerobics a shot.

I have already been counting down the days until summer break and this just adds one more reason to get excited.


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