Sugar Sheets Review

I have made it no secret that I love to impress people. It is always a goal but even better is when I can wow them with how super, crazy-simple something is. I have been eying these edible sugar sheets from Wilton for over a year now.

Basically it looks like printed craft paper that you can cut and put on your cakes and goodies. This year, Anna requested zebra stripes on her birthday cake and since they have a zebra stripe pattern sheet, I knew this was the perfect opportunity to give these babies a whirl.

I bought 1 pack (1 sheet) from Fantasy & Frosting. I was hoping 1 pack would be enough to wrap around a 9" round cake and have a little to go around the 7" round cake for the top tier, but it didn't. I had to go out to Michael's and buy a second pack. It was a little cheaper at Michael's ($3.99 vs. $4-something, almost $5 at F&F).

I love the look of fondant but not the taste so I was a bit skeptical of how this was going to work. I have to say it was ridiculously easy. I just iced the cake, cut out the strip and wrapped it around the cake. It went on pretty smooth and I didn't worry too much about the edge's (this is a 10 year old birthday cake I am talking about after all). It was stinkin' cute and had major wow factor. As for the taste, it didn't really have one. If you have ever tried the photo portion of a bakery cake, it was sort of like that. The kids all ate it without picking it off so that speaks volumes to me. It saved me probably 1-3 hours of decorating and Anna was tickled pink. A win-win in my book and if you try it out, I'd love to know what you think.

Here is Anna's cake. If I can do it, anyone can. My "training" was watching my mom bake as a kid but I will tell you, Wilton is definitely making it easy to please the inner diva in all of us.


Sandy said…

You are so talented! You could go into the cake decorating business and make a mint! I never knew ALL the talents you had. You are remarkable. You go girl!

Sandy Hasson
Carrie said…
Tell Anna that Breanne says, "Happy Birthday!" Bree has been commenting about her "old" classmates birthdays this week. I think there were 4 the 1st week of June.
Laura Williams said…
thank you! i just purchased these, and i was looking for some opinions and examples! your cake is DARLING! :)

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