How Much $'s?

I can't tell you how many times I have heard that having a pool is "so much work". Not to say that I doubt this in any way, but "so much" is a subjective phrase. If it weren't for Pete (and the massive hill in our backyard...and the lack of disposable income) I would have probably tested this theory long ago.

Much the same, the only thing I had really heard about the pageant world is that it is expensive. Well, since I would love to know how much work a pool would be before really considering putting one in (not that it would ever really happen anyway), I thought I would give you the full run down of what this pageant cost. Please keep in mind, Anna is having a blast and so far I feel this has been money well spent but the jury is still out on her retirement date.

To be fair, before diving in, the pageant gives you several tools to help you find sponsors. I was talking to a few parents last night and they did seem to raise some money and a few raised enough to cover everything. I had considered calling on local neighborhood retailers, but in the end we didn't. I just couldn't bring myself to ask someone to fund a fun activity for my daughter. It isn't like she is doing charity work here. But that was our choice.

I can see how someone might feel a little manipulated by the cost structure of the pageant. It is clear to me that these people are money making masters, so much so the thought of putting on a Cake Eaters pageant has crossed my mind. First you have an overall fee. I forget exactly what they called it. Then there are several other little ones here and there that really add up. After our first meeting where I (in a moment of weakness) caved and told Anna yes, I believed the cost to be $1,000 ballpark. Here is the breakdown of the really-really:
  • $440 entrance fee (whatever it is called)
  • $40 production number outfit (t-shirt, socks and a bow)
  • $40 jean shorts and white tennis shoes to complete the production number outfit
  • $25 pageant workshop (last night's practice which she needed, but officially optional)
  • $15 per ticket to watch the pageant x 6 of us
  • $150 optional events (she is doing Top Model, there are a handful of others available at $50 each)
  • $250 formal wear dress (average cost $100-400. See Say Yes to the Dress for more info)
  • $30 interview suite (I got a steal at Burlington Coat Factory. These can cost $100-400)
  • $40 official dance shoes for the interview (not sure why these, but I am following guides)
  • $20 accessories (aka bling)
  • $15 80's costume (again totally optional, but I couldn't resist)
  • $15 on a sash at the pageant boutique (after all this, I was afraid she wouldn't get a stupid sash, so I bought one. Do you see sucker on my face? Yeah, I do too.)
  • $250 2-nights in the hotel
  • $50 more or less in gas
  • $0 Top Model outfit - I refused to buy anything else and we just put together something from her closet.
Total $1,410 not counting food, but we would still have to eat even if we weren't here so I left that one off the list. They do have many other ways to empty your wallet, but so far I have evaded them. No $20 roses (for 3 roses and no, I am not kidding) and no cute t-shirt as the production number one is pretty ugly or tiara.

Anna did mention last night how nice it was to just be us together in the hotel and how that has never happened before. She seems to be having a lot of fun and I hope she walks away with a memorable experience. I figure if I had sent her to dancing years ago, I'd be out about the same amount of money, or maybe I just feel better thinking that.

And I may have completely lost my mind, but there is another pageant in the end of August, very similar to this one. The entrance fees are less and since we have already purchased all the attire, I am sort of considering it. She doesn't know this, nor does Pete. I figured I would see how this goes.

This was my pageant hair practice. Guess I will be doing it for real today.


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