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I saw my blog listed on another person's blog roll and realized it has been 2 weeks since I posted anything. I promise, I will try to be more consistent. I also owe some recipes. I hope to put up a killer Mexican chicken filling in the next day or so. I just need to photograph it.

While I prefer to share ideas, recipes or blog on a topic, today I thought I would fill you all in on our summer and my various random thoughts.

  • My heart goes out to all the families in Colorado. Such a tragedy. I am also saddened for the man responsible. How tortured he must been. Pete and Alex went to see Batman on Friday and I couldn't help but worry.
  • We (really I) have been getting Anna ready for her pageant. Next weekend. Can't believe it is practically here already. When Anna asked me if she could this past spring, I imagined her wanting to practice walking, posing and smiling in the mirror, and sitting answering interview questions. I should have known better. She groans when I ask her to practice. She likes getting dressed up but she thinks she knows how to do everything else. I don't want to make this a bad experience so I don't push but in my head, I know what I am spending on this thing and I want her to try and be prepared. I think she may retire after her debut.
  • Recent events as well as the Colorado tragedy have reminded me how short and precious life is. Our bodies are a gift and I have a re-invigorated drive to take better care of mine. The last 3 weeks or so, I have been trying to cut out sweets and focus on proteins, fruits/veggies and high fiber carbs. It is going pretty well. Today I walked for the first time in far too long. I am down about 6 lbs so far. Still an insanely long way from where I hope to be. To help keep me focused, before I give into the temptation of eating something naughty, I think 2 thoughts:
      1. Do I really want to eat that or do I want to add to my flab?
      2. Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.   
  • The first one is pretty self explanatory. The second one I heard on the radio one morning years ago. Apparently Kate Moss said it in a magazine interview and got a lot of heat for it. Personally, I find it inspiring. Not that I will ever be Kate Moss thin, nor do I want to, but I'd love to know how skinny feels. It has been great motivation when passing by the kitchen in the office seeing a tray of whatever goodies someone has brought in.
  • We've had a few storms here this summer and it seems every time we get a hard rain, we lose power. And each time we lose power, it is out longer. I am a baby. Perhaps even worse than my kids. I love air conditioning. I am lost without wi-fi. I want to open the fridge just because I know I shouldn't. I developed a new found love and respect for my iPhone. It got us all through some serious withdrawal, served as our alarm clock, flashlight, phone, internet gateway and entertainment center just to name a few.
  • We (again mostly me) are trying to get the kids ready to start their new schools this fall. I would be lying if I said I weren't nervous. Terrified is probably more like it. I pray they click with a few nice kids and make some new friends. Have you seen the commercial for, ummmmm, I think V-8 fruit juice or something? It features a mom that wants to do everything for her son (block for him in dodge ball, answer his questions in school, I forget what else). I laughed my ass off when I saw it. I swear, if I could, I would be that mom.
  • And lastly, I just wanted to share with you all how much I am enjoying my new job. It is everything I was craving since I returned from maternity leave with Ella. The pace is crazy, I am running projects and have the trust and respect I was missing for too long. It is challenging and can be frustrating at times, but I wouldn't have it any other way (well I could make 2-3x's as much, that would help).
 Hope you all are enjoying your summer! (I am going to post this without proofing it since Ella is now in my lap. Please forgive the errors.)


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