Holiday Leap Frog

Tis the Season! We no sooner clean up the dishes from one holiday then it is a mad dash to get set up for the next one. I do hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving and let their food digest a bit before jumping into the Black Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Cyber Sunday/Monday/Tuesday swimming pool.

I felt a bit off this year. You would think I would have been in good shape being that I took Wednesday off, but I felt like I was dragging. Wednesday was spent cooking Thanksgiving dishes. Pretty much all but the turkey were cooked that day, oh and I managed to toss some Christmas lights on our front bushes. Thursday was totally bird focused and cleaning. That was the nice part about the bird, while it is in the oven you have a few hours to clean. I even got a shower and got myself ready. (Whenever I host a party, I typically run out of time and am so tired, the last thing I want to do is get dressed up-ish.)

Thanksgiving was pretty good. Well except that Ella got up at 3:00 and 4:00 am Wednesday night puking. But really, it isn't a holiday unless I clean someone's puke. Actually, her having some sort of bug was probably the only way I was able to pull of dinner, cleaning and a shower. She pretty much slept most of the day so I didn't have to do my work with her on my hip or crying at my feet.

Thanks again to all those who gave me cooking advice. The food was pretty good. I think I would season the turkey differently next time but the stuffing was pretty killer. I will have to share that recipe before I forget what all I put in it. Our party was small but cozy. I enjoyed the company and was glad I didn't go over board on side dishes because we had just enough leftovers to get us through another meal or two.

In years past, I insist my children make their Christmas wish lists a week or two before Thanksgiving. Then I have time to comb the ads and figure out where to get what and how much I am going to spend. This year, they were dragging too. I officially got them after we cleaned up Thanksgiving dinner. I tried to search the web a bit, but was not in the mood and I didn't get the paper so I couldn't just page through the ads like I had hoped. I went to bed without a plan.

Even if I don't hit the stores, I would have jumped on-line in the wee hours of the night to snatch up whatever virtual deals I could. But maybe with Ella sick or something, I didn't even set my alarm. Pete had to work Friday so going to the stores was out of the question. I did eventually get up, and plunge into the Black Friday cyber world but I only squeezed in a few early bird deals. I missed out on a few things I had seen in emails that were nice to haves.

Saturday, armed with a few coupons, I decided to venture out in person. There were about 4-5 stores on my course and after only a few minutes in the first store my phone started binging every few seconds. I quickly discovered my email had been hacked and I was getting bounce back messages from way outdated email addresses that must have been in my account. To say I was pissed is a complete understatement. I wrapped up at 2 of the stores and went home to deal with the mess.

I spent the rest of Saturday in a crappy mood. I must have PMS because I snapped at everyone and knew I was totally in the wrong but couldn't help myself. I was ticked at the hacker(s), mad that I missed some deals I was hoping for, and I felt terribly behind. Basically, this control freak, had zero control.

Today, finally everything fell into place (well except the laundry and grocery shopping, but I think we will scrape by). Most of the key Christmas items are purchased and I have stayed in budget. I still have a few things to get, hopefully tomorrow or in the next 2 weeks as I hear things are supposed to drop further. The girls helped me put up our tree. We went full size this year and I am sure we will be hearing "mine" as Ella snatches an ornament and runs from the room giggling for the next month. She already gets away with so much more than Alex and Anna did when they were two. We finished off the outdoor lights and as soon as I find the magnet to hang the wreath on the front door, we are good to go.

Who knows, maybe this year I will actually send out Christmas cards instead of New Years cards.


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