Christmas Birthday

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes. Yes I am one of the lucky or unlucky ones with a Christmas birthday depending on how you look at it. Typically when it comes up in conversation most people tell me how much it must suck. Being the optimist that I am, I prefer to think of it as special. I have always thought it would be a bummer to have a birthday a few days before or after, but being right on Christmas felt unique (of course not really, but my parents did a good job of making it feel that way).

This Christmas/birthday was no different. I have long outgrown the need or desire for a birthday cake. There are too many treats and goodies already but my mom still put a candle in a cupcake and sang (my least favorite part is the song) but having a toddler makes it more fun. Ella popped on my lap and blew out the candle. I was able to deflect the attention off me and everyone focused on her.

I also prefer not get presents. Rarely do I get surprised with something I really want. If I need/want something throughout the year, I get it and if it is out of my budget, chances are it is out of everyone who would buy me a present too. Cash, wine and restaurant gift cards are always a good bet. I did get two gifts this year that I love! Well done ladies.

At the office we rarely have cups but several people have brought in jars and I discovered I really like the feel of drinking out of them. So much so that I carried this habit on at home and when our friends came over after Thanksgiving I shared my new found excitement (yes, as a mother of 3, a discovery like this is the most exciting thing in my life).

Cheri surprised me with my very own Redneck wine glass. I love it. So much so that I took it to work and now I think I need to get one for home as well.

My other fave came from my sister, who knows me so well. Handmade gifts are always the best and if it has some humor to it that is double goodness. Thanks Beth!

I thought I would pass on the really-really of having a Christmas birthday. It does have its downside:
  • As a kid, you have one shot to get what you want. If you didn't get it, you were waiting an entire year.
  • You never get to have a party with your friends ON your birthday.
  • In school, kids are so jazzed about Christmas break and the Christmas party, no one notices your Birthday treats.
  • I had to wait a few days to take my temps test as the DMV was closed.
  • My 21st was nice because I got engaged, but I did not get trashed in the traditional rite of passage night at a bar way.
On the up side:
  • Since I do not have a career in the life saving/protecting field, I am always off work on my birthday.
  • If I did truly get gypped on presents, I never noticed.
  • Now that I am older, I am not really excited about each year that flies by, so the Christmas hype is a good cover to fly low on the radar.
Once I hit 30, time seems to have it the accelerator. It's odd, I am not embarrassed about my age and certainly have no desire to go backward but I would also be fine with slowing down a little. I don't feel any different than I did at 24-ish and I sort of can't believe 40 is just around the corner. 

Here's hoping at a minimum I can say, another year wiser.


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