Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of our lives

Wwwhhhhooooo. This has been a long 7-8 month journey. Tomorrow, Pete and the kids officially join me in our new home away from home.

I have such mixed emotions.
   • excited to have us all together
   • nervous about making new friends, new schools, new everything
   • sappy, I am getting teary-eyed at everything. Commercials, songs, even America's Funniest Home Videos. I think I have an issue
   • loney - being here has been extremely isolating
   • tired - ready to be a full time parent again and tired of trying to weigh in from 500 miles away. I am tired of painting and working on our house. And I am really tired of having torn emotions and feeling like I am staring at the endless to do list.

As much as I can't wait to be a family together again, I would be lying if I didn't admit to being nervous too. I have become used to being alone and the quiet. I miss a house full but can also get overwhelmed when they are here. I am sure I will readjust quickly I just hope I can find patients while transitioning.

I have been really impressed with how well Pete and the kids have handled the shuffling this year. When I was their age, I would have been a drama queen to put it nicely and made my parents miserable if they made me leave my friends. Both Alex and Anna have been very mature I couldn't be more proud of them. And Ella has been amazing in our separation. She is such a momma's girl it could have been so much worse.

I can't thank Pete, my parents, my in-laws, and all those who helped us with the kids this past year. None of this would have been possible without your support.

We hope you will get a chance to come up and stay with us. 

I am so excited to surprise Ella tomorrow. Anna asked to have a vanity in her room and since she will be once again sharing a bathroom with her siblings and is now in to makeup and styling her hair, I figured it was a good idea and may avoid several bathroom battles.

I searched all over town and ended up purchasing this one on-line. It arrived this week and today I put it together.

As I ordered it, I knew Ella would want one too. She is more in to clothes and makeup than anyone and thinks she is13 too. I really didn't want to buy another one so I went all over town again. Anna had a mirror from Ikea that I could use. I really just needed a table and stool. I looked all over and today finally found a bedside table at Big Lots and the stool at Hobby Lobby. I did paint the legs of the stool black but that was it. I am sure the stool will be a mess by tomorrow night but I think she will love it.


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