I am Waaaaaay behind on writing a post. Each day I plan on it, think about it, then I get home from work and can't stand the thought of getting back on my laptop. That, and I am too tired from getting up so early for my morning workout. After I put Ella down, I pack my gym bag, set out my clothes for the next day and then crash.

The Pro's:

  • I am two weeks in to my workouts. Missed one Friday where I swapped the gym for shoveling my driveway so I think I get a 1/2 credit for that day
  • I feel good about myself and proud that I am finally moving again
  • I am not listening to my excuses or letting them stop me
  • I have noticed my heart rate is lower during workouts now than when I first started
The Con's:
  • My body has a death grip on my weight and it is barely budged
  • I am super tired at night
  • I crash before Pete gets home so I only see him on the weekends or a possible lunch date if we can squeeze one in
  • I still force myself to workout. No sign of craving exercise yet
Things I am considering:
  • Getting a personal trainer as I have never done that before and I know I need to do some strength training and mix things up
  • Seeing a nutritionist as I have been focusing on my movement more than my eating. I am making smarter choices but would like a menu plan made just for me
  • Getting a Fitbit. Before I knew my steps were pathetic so I didn't want to see it. Now I'd like to get credit for them but honestly don't feel like spending the money or learning how to use it
This weekend I almost caved. It was Sunday. I got up at 7:00. Pretty much did chores and worked around the house until 2:30-ish. Feelin' pretty good about what I got done but man was I pooped. The gym is closed on Sundays so I could either go for a walk or do a DVD. I thought I would lay down for a bit instead. I'd earned a catnap, then see how I felt later.

I think I closed my eyes for about 20 minutes before Ella found me.

"Mom, can I roller skate outside? Please?"

"Ella, have you looked outside? There is ice and snow on everything. It is winter."

She disappeared for a few minutes then came back, "Nuh uh, there is only snow on the grass. The driveway and sidewalks are clear."

With that I looked at the clock, realized it was about 3:00, in the 30's, and that I had no more excuses. While unfortunately Ella had outgrown her skates, she and Pete went for a bike ride. I went for my Sunday walk.


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