I realize it has been a few weeks since my last check in. Typically when a weight-loss, hobby blogger goes silent it is due to falling off the wagon but I am happy to say that is not the case. Actually it is completely the opposite for me. I have been very routine. So much so that the thought of writing about it seemed boring. I couldn't imagine reading about someone's daily routine over and over, so I was sort of waiting until I had something better to share.

My new routine is:
  • 6 days a week I do the elliptical trainer for 65 minutes each morning
  • Breakfast = high fiber English Muffin with a protein (typically either eggs or peanut butter)
  • Snack = apple and almonds
  • Coffee, I can't for get my coffee (creamer, no sweetener)
  • Lunch = either baked chicken and steamed veggies or a turkey/swiss wrap with lots of veggies (and I peel off any of the wrap not needed to hold it together so I only eat about half the carbs)
  • Snack = if needed is another fruit
  • Dinner = a baked protein and more veggies
  • Treat = if craving sweets, a beet/fruit smoothie, maybe some greek yogurt in it, or popcorn if I want something crunchy and salty
The results: I am down about 14-15 pounds depending on the day. I still fluctuate 2-3 pounds a day but overall it is still trending downward so I will take it. I have also heard the slower it comes off the more likely it is to stay off so I am fine with crawling if that is what it takes.

All fine and dandy until this week.

A work trip.

Work travel can be a dietary disaster and I was really nervous about a big set back. I have a history of bringing workout clothes only to return with them still clean, never making it out of the suitcase. To arm myself for this battle and sharpen my focus, I met with Kate to get some fresh tips and dining advice:
  • The obvious: take things like nuts and Lara bars in your bag for a quick snack
  • Take a little cooler pouch with some fruit, maybe a yogurt
  • At the airport, shoot for a salad (I H__A__T__E salads) or even a hummus/veggies or fruit/cheese grab and go option at one of the little markets
  • Take an empty water bottle and fill it after you pass through security to keep drinking your water
  • Concentrate on your veggies. Get them in at every chance you get.
  • If you have a fridge in your room, hit a market and buy some yogurts, fruit, veggies and even string cheese. Look for high fiber, high protein options to have handy.
My translation of this advice:
  • I specifically booked a flight that allowed me to get my morning workout in as normal
  • I ate my typical breakfast too
  • Cut up an apple, some strawberries and lemons and put them in one of Ella's old lunch sacks
  • Packed almonds and bought some Lara bars and some Lara double chocolate brownie bites as I knew I would need something to help curb chocolate cravings.
  • Once through security I got ice for my water bottle at the bar, tossed in some lemon and filled it at the water fountain or bubbler as they call it in Wisconsin
  • My first flight I ate almonds and skipped the pretzels offered
  • In my layover I hunted for a to go pack of peanut butter. After 4-5 little markets with no luck I saw a frozen yogurt place and sure enough they sold me a little side for $0.53. I ate my apple with peanut butter for lunch. Oh, and had an iced coffee.
  • Flight #2 I had a few more almonds and a serving of the brownie bites
  • Dinner was 3 Ahi Tuna soft tacos and fresh guacamole (but I only ate 2 of the tortillas). Oh, I did have 1 glass of wine too.
To avoid the mini-bar and any munchies at the last minute I saw a facial mask and tossed it in my bag. It was perfect. A little pampering in a nice hotel to myself with Bravo... It was my own little belated Mother's Day retreat.

Today is also going pretty well. I did get up and use the fitness center this morning but I really didn't like their elliptical trainer. Tomorrow I may have to do the treadmill  - ugg.

My meetings had healthy breakfast options and we ordered our own lunch vs a pre-ordered buffet so that gave me more control and was better than I feared. If the rest of this week keeps going this way, I look forward to facing the scale when I get home.


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