I have to dedicate this post to Holly and say THANK YOU for giving me the push I needed!

Let me explain...

Last week I mentioned looking for a personal trainer and on my Facebook post, Holly said she was looking into joining Cross Fit and would I be interested in joining her a few mornings a week at their 5:30 am class.

I read it and had a little panic. I asked for recommendations and here was this offer but immediately reasons why I didn't want to accept popped in my head:
  1. I have looked at Cross Fit in the past and it was about 3x what I wanted to spend on a gym membership but people do seem to get great results
  2. What if I sign up and don't use it? That is A LOT of $'s to burn.
  3. 5:30 am? I rarely get to the gym by 6:00. How would I possibly make a 5:30 class?
There were others but these were the biggies. I spent most of the day trying to figure out my response to politely turn the offer down. The more angles I tried, the more I heard myself, the more clear it became that I was trying to justify excuses.

I had no choice but to take this offer as a sign that it was something I needed to do. So I accepted the challenge.

Yesterday I went to a 7:00 am class for beginners which turned out to be a private training session for me with a trainer and his wife. They told me all out the new gym, gave me a tour, and then walked me through a demo class. We did stretches and some work with kettle bells, rings and a rowing machine all the while they were showing me how to do each movement correctly, giving me tips and cheering me on.

As I explained it to Pete he thought is sounded awful to have 2 people watching you workout like that, but it really wasn't. They were watching my form and helping me do each exercise right to get the maximum workout. Oh, and I did. I bet I worked out a total of 30 minutes in the hour I was there and my heart hasn't beat that hard in forever. I walked out of there like jello and this morning I can feel every muscle in my body. It is probably mental but I swear my legs already looked more toned yesterday afternoon.

As for the price, they do offer a punch card: 10 classes for $100.

I will be starting this next week as I plan to go 2 times a week and the other 4 workouts will be my typical elliptical trainer routine. Who knows, I may up it but for now this is how I am going to ease into it.

So Holly, again thank you. I am still just saying no to excuses. Look forward to killing it in the gym with you soon


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