Spring Forward My Ass

This has to be my absolute least favorite day of the year. I just lost an hour, seriously? It's like a cruel joke. As a woman who already daydreams about what life would be like if I didn't have to waste time on such frivolous things like sleep, this has to be my worst nightmare.

Let's see, it's almost 3:00, we just finished lunch. I did squeeze in a shower (yeah!). Kids' homework is done, all except for OPERATION LAVA which only requires child transportation on my part, laundry is still a work in progress, dishes were caught up, at least before I made lunch. Still need to hit the grocery, oh and did I mention we lose an hour today?

It's been so long since I vacuumed the house, I don't even remember where the vacuum is. My husband has decided today he must spend the afternoon in the yard burning things so I am on Ella duty.

I should stop. I know I am not alone in the battle of the list.

The worst part of this day is that tonight I will argue with the kids to go to bed and they will fight me every step of the way. Tomorrow morning I have the pleasure of herding my little ones to their weekday destinations an hour earlier than usual. I have a baby who has no idea of time and will no doubt be up until God knows when. It may take her as much as a week to adjust to this new schedule. Then it is off to my day job.

Thank you daylight savings time!


Robin said…
When I was pregnant with #2, I got a cleaning lady. Once a month I know my house will be totally picked up, the bathrooms will be clean, and the carpet will be swept. If I get to it myself it is a bonus.

I hope it wasn't too hard putting your kids to bed Sunday. Mine was wore out and he didn't skate nearly as hard as yours.

Enjoy reading the blog!

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