Black Friday Madness

I hate to admit it, but I am one of the crazies who venture out around Thanksgiving trying to not only snag a few deals, but get as much of my gift list checked off in a day or so as possible.

Is it worth it?

That is a tough question. I am a morning person so getting up at 3:00 or whatever is no big deal. Standing in line with 100's of other crazies like me, now that is the hard part – along with the traffic and parking.

This year Alex started asking for an X-Box back in July/August. We had been extremely fortunate in years past to get hand-me-down game consoles so Santa splurged Christmas of 09 on a Wii for the family. I can't believe I am even considering an X-Box so soon after.

But the Black Friday / Thanksgiving Day ads are trickling out and I paged through a few. Meijer has one for $199 which is $100 off, but I am sure they only have a handful and I would have to be there God only knows when to have a shot at getting it. Walmart has them too $199 and I think you get a $50 on-line gift card, but it was hard to make out the small print in the on-line ad.

What really sucks is if I did go there for the XBox, I would either have to bring a buddy to do the rest of my shopping or that is the only deal I would take advantage of.
I may have to be there as early as 6-10 hours prior to the sale. If I was going to save $100 that would be similar to me making $10 an hour. I am sort of thinking my time is more valuable than that.

Pete has to work this year on Friday so that just might keep me indoors anyway. I do plan to scope out the on-line deals and see if I can work any virtual Christmas magic instead. Maybe I won't save quite as much, but I won't:
  • Stand in long lines for hours
  • Second guess who had what cheaper and dig through the ads while in line
  • Fight for a parking space or cart
  • Accidentally leave my coupons in the car
  • Brave the weather
  • Haul around my stash
  • Keep asking myself if it was worth it
I still hope to get the majority of my shopping accomplished this weekend. For those of you heading out with the masses, I wish you the best of luck. May you find exactly what you seek and spend less than you plan. If you find any steals, please share the good news here.


Greg said…
$199 X-Boxes will be pretty easy to find this Chistmas. I've seen them in several ads. I don't think you'll have to fight the crowds at all to get one.

This generation of game consoles is coming to a close. They are all slashing prices before rolling out the next gen.
Sarah said…
Even with the motion thingie?
Mindy said…
I'm way to impatient and easily annoyed to brave black Friday anymore. But I'd be happy to help you out with the kids if you decide to brave it.

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