Baby Steps

Yesterday I took the kids to Be Healthy. Be Active. held over at UC by the Junior League's Kids in the Kitchen. I never know Alex and Anna are going to react to events like this. They started out slow, but soon warmed up to the idea that they were there to play games and try stuff. Alex love the exercise challenges and fruit and Anna loved the Iron Chef kids cooking challenge and decorating a recipe box.

The event was very nice but I was so impressed by the UC Recreation Center. I graduated from UC and I have to say they have completely revamped the entire campus since I was there. I was jealous. This facility has a 12-15 or something lane indoor pool, another pool with a lazy river, a hot tub which my kids were oogling, 3-4 story rock wall which Alex and Anna were disappointed was not part of the Expo, a state of the art 200 piece work out room, an indoor track, gyms, and group exercise classes.
Such a vast difference from the 3 stair climbers and 4 treadmills they had when I was there. As we left, I asked about alumni memberships and was thrilled to find out that with parking included it was the same as our local YMCA. I am seriously considering it. Unfortunately, they don't allow strollers on the track. If they did, I would be sold.
I went shopping today at Old Navy. I am pretty sure it was the first time I went shopping since having Ella, or at least for spring/summer clothes. (I did purge my closet this week, cutting it in half, and no, the closet isn't fixed yet). I did find a few things that fit that I liked, but man those mirrors are killer. I left there, as I typically do, facing the realization that I must loose some weight.

I have lost 10 pounds this year, but that doesn't even scratch the tip of the iceberg. I still have about 7 Ella pounds to go. So today I set a new goal for myself. By July 4th, I will loose 25 pounds. That will but me at my pre-children weight. Then I can work on the post wedding weight. Please help hold me to it.

I have been eating decently for the most part, but I need to get moving. Anyone want to walk or workout, just let me know. I also may sign up for the UC Recreation Center. The classes looked to good to pass up and I think the kids would like some of their offerings as well.


Mary said…
Sometimes I may be able to walk. Call when you are able to walk and if I can I'll walk with you.

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