Days of Our Lives

I work for a really great company that gives people the opportunity to work adjusted schedules to help facilitate their work/life balance. After having Ella, I took advantage of this offer and work later 4 days a week so I can leave a noon on Wednesdays. This gives me time with Ella, a chance to get a few errands done and a day to book doctor's appointments, therapy, or whatever.

Being that today is Wednesday, I got Ella and made myself a little lunch when I got home. I took advantage of the quiet house (no arguing kids to block out) and settled down to watch a little tv. It just so happens, The Young and the Restless was just starting. This is a Soap that I started watching about 20 years ago (oh my god, I sound old. I should say OMG to sound younger-right?)

What I like about this Soap is that I don't have to watch it everyday. I catch it once a week, maybe a little more if I see some of it on Soap Net, but you can still follow along. As I watched, I was thinking about what exciting lives these characters lead. Then I wondered what my life would be like if I were a Soap Opera character.
  • First, I'd be at least 70 lbs lighter and Pete would have a killer 6 pack. 
  • We'd live in a large family estate because at least one of us would come from a wealthy family.
  • I'd have a high executive job at a company started by my father or grandfather.
  • Pete would be a doctor, no wait, a cop.
  • We'd each be on our 6th or 7th marriage by now and at least 4 of those would have been to each other.
  • Alex and Anna would be in their late teens, maybe even early 20's
  • Ella would probably still be a baby but could be switched at any time for a kindergartener
  • I probably would have had another child in between Anna and Ella with one of my other husbands, but that child may have been switched at birth or stolen or something. Maybe it was my niece, Kara or Joey, but none of us have figured out that she is really mine
  • Pete and I would have each been on trial for murder by now at least once
  • Everyone in the family would have been in a coma at some time or another
  • I would have had a major car accident where I drove off the road in a storm
  • We would have thought Pete died, but he would come back 6 months to a year later
  • I would have been kidnapped, oooh or lost my memory
  • My mom would be an alcoholic
  • My mother-in-law would think Pete could have done better and plot to break up our marriage
  • My brothers would be competing for head of the family business
  • My sister would be married to one of my ex-husbands
  • Alex would be dating one of my brother's ex-wives
  • Anna would be suing us to get her trust fund money
Ahhh yes, good times.


Elizabeth said…
I was right there with you until you said i was married... now THAT was a stretch. How did you put your face on that chick?!?! I didn't realize it was you for a second!
Sarah said…
Oh, that was a super quick Photoshop job. Don't look at it too closely. It was late and I was tired.

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