Birthday Follow Up

One whole year has flown by since adding little nugget to our family. It is so hard to believe. Fortunately the clouds (well, rainy ones anyway) parted ways and we actually saw a bit of sun this weekend. Seemed a bit of a miracle. Sports were played, picnics were held and most importantly, our jumpy house made its 2011 debut for Ella's Party.

She loved it so long as someone was holding her and there weren't too many other kids in it. It can be a little crazy in there at times. We left it up Saturday through Sunday and had kids from everywhere popping over. It was so nice to let them get some fresh air, exercise and wear themselves out. We got it down just before the rain moved in Sunday evening.

And of course we had a few presents...

Though in typically baby fashion, she preferred the bags, cards and boxes to the actual toys. But you know grandmas - they can't resist.

And of course we had cake...
(Yes, I went overboard with the cake. Now it must be removed from our house before I pack on too many post-Ella pounds.)

Aunt Beth even made it in from Boston. (We'll forgive her t-shirt and pretend it says Reds).

And right after cake it was in the tub and then down for a nap. It was a lovely weekend. Thanks to everyone who was able to join us.


Jennifer said…
So adorable! Isnt it amazing how fast they grow? My babies are 3 and 4 now and I wish I could just hit the pause button so they wont grow any more! They are so innocent at this age.


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