Jumping Into Summer

I went ahead and took yesterday off work so I could spend the first official day of summer break home with my kids. I wasn't sure what to do with them.
  • Weather was cloudy and cool, not that the pools were open yet anyway
  • I have sworn off movie theaters due to bed bugs & lice (I know of one instance last summer and that is one too many to chance it for me)
  • The neighborhood parks are under construction and most likely muddy
Instead we took lunch up to the teachers for their in-service meetings then we ended up at Target. A gentleman I work with's house was struck by lightening in one of the recent storms and he and his family lost everything. I thought it would be a good way to start the summer by paying it forward and helping others in need. So we bought his daughters swim suits, cover ups and filled a beach bag with summer toys. My kids had fun picking things out and only needed a few reminders that we weren't shopping for ourselves.

I treated the kids to Starbucks (ok, that one was really for me, but they love it too) and then we headed home to wait for Pete to get off work.

Next another trip to the zoo. I am really loving going on Fridays just an hour or so before it closes. No one is there and you can zip around and see a ton before the kids start whining for something to eat. (Which is funny, because we rarely ever buy anything there).

We headed to the Levee for dinner and since we had already paid $5 to park, I figured we might as well get as much out of our time. We strolled around looking at the river and the view of Downtown. There were a few live music acts which we watched for a bit before we made our way over and found the human hamster balls. Typically we wouldn't shell out for things like this, but it was the first day of summer and we were feeling generous.

Anna gave it a go, but Alex (always more cautious) preferred to watch.

Even though there were a few "I'm bored." and "There's nothing to do."-s in the afternoon, by the time we got home, Anna said it was the best first day of summer ever. 

Score 1 in the cool mom category.


Mollie said…
As a teacher, may I say many thanks for the lunch you brought the kiddos' teachers. That's class.

You can be my homeroom mom anytime.

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