To March or Not to March?

I love the town I live in. It is as much a part of who I am as growing up in a big family. My husband and I both grew up here and there was no place else we wanted to raise our kids. I am sure there are several small neighborhoods out there just like ours so I'd love to hear about what makes yours special.
There is no better time in my city than the Forth of July. The only way to describe it is magical. When I think about my childhood summer memories, the best of the best are always the ones from the 4th. Of course I loved Christmas and getting gifts, but the 4th was a special holiday in its own rite. There were no set rituals, no expectations, no having to get dressed up, no posing for pictures, just pure summer fun. No matter what event we went to, there were always kids my age, running and playing outside, great food and hours of belly laughs.

One of the signature events is the Parade. I really have no idea when they started but it has been a tradition long before my time. People come from all over and line the streets to watch the cars, dancers, bands and wait to see what new twist someone has come up with. I remember each of the times I was in the parade: once for my dad's store, t-ball team, dancing, swim team, and cheerleading. One year I had to miss out because I had the chicken pox.

For years Anna has been asking me if she can be in the parade. Really it is nothing exclusive so it is a little surprising that she hasn't been in one yet. For several years I asked my dad if we could do a float for his store but he just wasn't interested. When I started this blog, I thought what a great off-line advertising opportunity. I could have a float, let all the kids be part of it, make shirts, even pass out homemade cookies with branded tags. This is all totally up my ally.

But now that the parade is a few weeks away, I am getting cold feet.
  1. To make shirts, bake cookies and print tags will take some $$$ that I am not sure I want to shell out
  2. To make shirts, bake cookies and assemble tags will take some time that I am not sure I want to shell out
  3. I know this is hard to believe but I am actually a little shy in person. (The internet is an amazing shield)
  4. My blog isn't a business (at least currently) so is it weird to advertise it?
I never mentioned to my kids my idea of doing a float. If I had, there would be no backing out. Anna would have sketched 100 versions of how to decorate our van by now and probably made a gazillion signs and "decorations." Knowing how much it would mean to her is really the only reason I am still even considering it.

Of course, I haven't turned in a float application yet, so I may be too late anyway. I don't know what the deadline is/was, but it has to be close if we haven't passed it already.


Mary said…
There is always next year. You can plan way ahead.
Jennifer said…
I think its a great idea, whether you do it this year or next!


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