Counting My Blessings

Yes, I often talk about "if I won the lottery" and have spent countless hours daydreaming the what if's. I love to write about the really-real side of parenting, but of course I wouldn't change it for a second. 

I can't tell you how many times I have heard some form of the phrase "Count your blessings" and in all honesty, (not to sound arrogant, but) that would be an impossible task. 
  • I am very fortunate I have 3 healthy children
  • I married my best friend who is a supportive partner
  • I am surrounded with friends and family I can rely on
  • I have great parents who gave me the tools to support myself and provide for my children
  • I go to sleep each night without worry of food, shelter, bombs or gunfire
This list doesn't begin to cover everything I am grateful for and rather than go on and on, I would like to feature one blessing I wish I could give to everyone.

Her name is Peggie.

Back in 1992 when I started dating my husband, I had no idea the gift that came along with him. Getting married as young as we did, I took for granted the saint of a women that would be my Mother-In-Law. It wasn't until some of my friends and other relatives started to get married that I heard stories of their In-Laws and I truly came to realize just how fortunate I am to have Peggie in my life.

For example: when planning our wedding, the one request she had was that we had an open bar at the rehearsal dinner. Pete and I picked the venue, invited who we wanted and she had no objections or even comments for that matter. Things were so easy, I was clueless how complicated they could have been.

She has not only helped watch our children, since her retirement, she and Ed are watching Ella for us full time. Anyone who has ever had to pay for daycare, knows what a huge gift this is.

She is always willing to help us in any way, is supportive of our decisions, never tries to parent our children for us, is completely flexible with holidays, embraced me as if I were one of her own, and if I have ever done anything to upset her, she has never said a peep.

Often times we keep our feelings inside until it is too late and having learned from past experiences I wanted to share with everyone just how amazing of a person she is. I couldn't imagine life without her.

Love you Peggie!


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