5th Annual Running of the Wieners

It is not everyday you can say you spent your lunch hour cheering on your favorite Wiener, but today was my lucky day. Fountain Square is well known for prime people watching but events like these are a special treat.

My co-workers and I gathered to cheer on Ruby who apparently suffered from a false start and they gave the win to the reigning champ, what's her face.

I will tell you these races draw quite the crowd. Forget about getting up close to the track. Even though we got there early enough to score a table we had to watch on the jumbotron.

Little wieners in buns with ketchup/mustard racing stripes covered the square. But I guess with 10 races and 10 Wieners in each heat, they would be all over the place. There was even giant wiener in Lederhosen (glad I googled how to spell that one - I wasn't even close). And what festive event would be complete without a celebrity sighting?

Several of my colleagues jumped at the chance to pose with the one and only Jerry Springer.

What a way to spend a Friday lunch hour? Now, I just need to remember to duck out of here a tad early to avoid the Oktoberfest traffic. Festivities kick off at 5:00 for those of you planning to hit the town.

Cheers! (speaking of which, Norm was there too, but we didn't get close enough to get pictures with him this time).


Mercedes said…
Too interesting. : )

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