Breaking Child Labor Laws?

I think it was yesterday Alex asked me if he could start getting allowance. Now I never got allowance as a kid of course I didn't really have any chores either. I did what my parents asked me to do and they gave me money (within reason) or I babysat to earn money for the things I needed (wanted). The system worked so that's pretty much how we roll at the Stieby household.

But I thought about it for a few minutes. 

Me: Well Alex, I am not just going to GIVE you allowance but you can earn it. Your dad and I can come up with some things you could do around the house.

Anna: I want chores and allowance too. (but you have to say it in that almost tune like fashion of a semi-whine and stretch out the tooooo.)

The kids seemed pretty good with the idea of Pete and I coming up with a list of things for them to do. 

Being the control freak that I am, I haven't done this sooner because I want to make sure the cleaning is done right. But lately I have been so busy that it rarely gets done at all so I figure a half-ass clean is better than nothing so lets give this a whirl.

Pete and I brainstormed and today at lunch I made a chart (per Anna's request) to hang on our fridge. I debated about how much to give these guys for allowance. If they actually do the stuff on this chart, it is worth $100 a week but if I had that extra cash, I would hire a cleaning service. I considered $10 but that comes to $80 a month and:
  1. I don't want another $80 a month bill
  2. I am a bit afraid what they would do with $40 a month in their pocket and I am too lazy to add in a budgeting/saving lesson on top of all this.
So I settled on $5 a week. It doesn't sound like much, but I don't think they will do the whole list and it is within my budget.

Here is our chore chart. I will have to let you know how long it lasts. I give it 2 days for Anna, maybe 4 for Alex. I think the no whining is the part that will do them in.

For those of you who are curious:
  • Doggie Duty = using the pooper scooper
  • Yes, we have a urinal in our house (but that is story all in its self )


Elizabeth said…
Seems fair to me!... Why doesn't Alex have to pick up his room?
Sarah said…
I originally said cleaning their rooms was not a chore for allowance, but something they should do regardless. But I needed something for Anna to do that day and while Alex's room is already clean, Anna's typically looks like and art project exploded. When I clean it, it is easily a 4-6 hour project and I must say "This is disgusting," every 20 minutes.

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