Why Are There So Many???

...Songs about rainbows?

That was one of my favorite songs and perhaps my favorite part of the Muppet Movie. Tonight on our drive out to dinner after what has possibly been the second worst week of my life, one half of the sky was a dark, demonous gray and split to the other was a crystal, blue heaven encasing a glorious sun beginning to set. Large rain drops fell from both sides and I knew there would have to be a rainbow.

Sure enough, minutes later there it stood. Absolutely the most vivid and stunning rainbow I had ever seen. Every hue of ROY G. BIV sang in perfect harmony from end to end. It was hard to drive and if I hadn't been behind the wheel I would have been snapping a picture.

Its timing couldn't have been better. It was so pure as I stared at it, I literally felt the release of all the negative gunk this week's struggles had built up inside me. I feel completely renewed and ready to move on with the future.

You know the saying, "What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger"? I think I could move a mountain. I have been pushed and tested in ways I never knew but tonight I feel great. This has forced me to make some positive changes in my life. Things I should have been doing, but could easily make excuses not to do. It has opened my eyes and sharpened my vision.

I am blessed to have a fabulous family, my best friend as my partner, a new job that so far is exactly what I have been searching for and most importantly satisfaction that I live my life honestly, compassionately and would do anything to help another person. To each of you that lead your life that way, I am honored and thank you for having me as your friend.

....Rainbows have nothing to hide.


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