Pesto Chicken Sandwich

This has to be one of my favorite sandwiches. I fell in love over 15 years ago. I used to work up the block from this killer German Restaurant, Mecklenburg Gardens. For a special treat my co-workers and I would venture out and once I had their Pesto Chicken Sandwich, I never tried anything else. I really should go there again, but over the years I have tried replicating this dish at home. Pete loves it too, but it is not Stieby Kid approved.

Whenever I have a few leftover cooked chicken breasts, I chop um' up and transform them into the pesto chicken filling. Today I had 2 5oz-ish breasts and it made 5 sandwiches but you could make more or less depending on how much filling you pile on. I also use store bought pesto since I always have a jar in my fridge. Makes this a super fast, amazing, lunch.

butter for toasting
2 c cooked chicken breasts, chopped into bite size pieces
2 tbsp pesto
3 tbsp mayo (I used light Miracle Whip)
cheese (I used fresh mozzarella)
sliced tomato

Preheat your griddle or skillet to a medium heat. Mix the chicken, pesto and mayo in a bowl. Slice the tomatoes and cheese. Butter the bread. Assemble the sandwiches much like you would a grilled cheese. Put a slice of bread, butter side down on the griddle. I put a little cheese, pile on the chicken pesto filling, then a tomato slice or two, salt & pepper to taste, a bit more cheese and top with the other slice of butter bread, butter side out. Grill until golden brown on one side, flip and grill until golden brown and the cheese is melted.

I imagine this would make a fabulous pasta dish as well.

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