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Welcome Fox 19 Morning News viewers! Thanks so much for watching. I know you are just going to love the products I featured today and I hope while you are here you will check out the tabs to get to know me, read some of my favorite parenting stories, recipes and crafts.

Below you'll find photos, descriptions and web sites for all of the products featured today. After checking them out, scroll to the bottom of this post to enter the giveaway contest for these must have tailgating products!


The one cooking staple in my house is my griddle. I love, love, love it! I even have one in my office for whipping up pancakes or grilled cheese lunches for my co-workers. I am so excited there is now a griddle for grilling!

The Sizzle-Q all stainless steel barbecue griddle allows the avid tailgate chef the opportunity to expand their grilling options and be the hit at the next tailgate party. Easily portable, just place the Sizzle-Q on any grill to transform it into a griddle to cook pancakes, bacon, eggs, hashbrowns, fish, sandwiches, and more. Just lift off to use the grill for hamburgers, hot dogs and so forth. One size fits all grills ・ 18 inches wide by 13 inches long. Sidewalls keep your food on the griddle, allowing for every square inch of cooking surface to be utilized. Full front grease trough catches run-off liquids and prevents flare-ups. Clean up is simple and easy, no need for a sink.

$69.99 Visit littlegriddle.com to get yours today.

Drink & Plate 

As the mom of a toddler, I can never have enough hands. I feel like a pack mule 99% of the time. I am grateful for any product that allows me to carry more in an easy way. Now I can go through the buffet line with my drink and plate in one easy pass. I could probably even manage the plates for my kidos as well with these little gems.

Drink & Plate is a fusion of plate and drink holder that is perfect for all your outdoor and indoor food and drink needs, whether tailgating, back yard grill outs, ball games, social gatherings, promotional items, holiday parties and more. Held with one hand, the Drink N' Plate is a combination of plate and drink holder, allowing the entire meal to be carried conveniently and easily. Dishwasher safe.

$14.95 per pack of 6 at drinkandplate.com or qvc.com

Flare Down

Tailgating is all about the meat which means flare ups are inevitable. Next time, instead of grabbing for your beer to douse the flames (which might just be considered a party foul), go for something a little safer.

Flare Down is an all-natural, 100% food safe spray that quickly and safely neutralizes outdoor barbecue grill grease flare ups that can burn food or cause injury to people nearby. Fire experts have always warned that water should never be used on a grease fire. Flare Down is the only product on the market that can stop a grease flare up and keep food from burning without toxic chemicals or ruining the flavor of the food. For use on any grill, gas or charcoal. Flare Down is completely non-toxic, does not leave any taste or odor on the food, is FDA-approved and made in the USA.

Only $5.99 at gratechef.com

Grate Chef Grill Wipes

I HATE when my fish or chicken stick to the grill. I have tried the grilling non-stick sprays and was less than overwhelmed by the results. 

Grill Wipes attach to the bristles of any grill brush and apply high heat grilling oil to any grill grate, preventing food from sticking. Specially formulated accompanying grilling oil won’t burn off like conventional cooking sprays. Specially designed fiber of the wipes allow them to be used on heated grill grates for optimal no-stick performance. Easily give food distinct grill marks without any worry of food sticking. Makes achieving professional results simple and convenient. Not flammable like spray products. No more using highly flammable paper towels which are ineffective in cleaning an abrasive grilling surface. Grill Wipes are non-toxic and biodegradable.

$8.99/pack at gratechef.com

The Groover

Clean up doesn't have to be a pain and lets face it, when tailgating you just want to get to the game quickly after your party. 

The Groover Cleaning Pads are the easiest and quickest way to dissolve food and grease for a spotless clean grill. No rinsing needed. The Groover pads are individually wrapped grill-cleaning pads that are pre-saturated with heat activated cleaner, designed to be used on a heated grill. Attaching easily to the bristles of any grill brush, when applied to a heated grill the cleaner flows from the pad to attack burnt-on grease and grime to bring grill grates back to new again. Works on any grill grate – stainless steel, porcelain, cast iron, etc. The Groover is food safe and leaves no chemical smell or taste, so grilling can begin immediately following cleaning. 

$8.99/pack at gratechef.com

Thermacell Outdoor Lantern

The only perfume I wear during May-November is OFF. Not the sexiest but neither is scratching the welts suffered by this mosquito magnet. My kids must have inherited my sweetness and I would have killed for one of these when they were little. I am sure OFF was not the best for their skin but a much better option than West-Nile.

The ThermaCELL Outdoor Insect-Repellent Lantern is the best option for keeping mosquitoes and other insects at bay in any outdoor setting. It is both a powerful insect repellent device and a functional and portable, long-lasting outdoor LED lantern, with both functions being usable separately or together. Providing a 15x15 ft mosquito-free zone, it is 98% effective (tested and used by the Department of Defense and the United States Army), making it the most effective insect repellent device on the market. It is also non-toxic, safe and non-intrusive, being DEET-free, silent, portable and odor free.

$31.99 at mosquitorepellent.com

Contest Information

Enter to win one of two prize packages:
  1. Sizzle-Q and Drink & Plates
  2. Flare Down, Grate Chef Grill Wipes, The Groover, and the Thermacell Outdoor Lantern
Two winners will be randomly chosen, each person winning one package.

To enter: Follow me on Blogger (go to the right sidebar of my blog and click "Follow" on the box that has a lot of little pictures of people's faces). If you already follow my blog, leave a comment on this post so I know you want in the sweepstakes.

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Contest details: The contest will last two weeks, closing at 8:59 p.m., EST, Sept. 23th. If a winner does not want the assigned item, another item will not be offered, they will forfeit their win and another person will be chosen. After e-mailing the winners, they will have 48 hours to respond before I draw another name. I will publish the winners first names on my site after they have confirmed. Continental U.S. Entries only.

Disclosure: I was not paid to appear on TV or review these products. I did receive a set of free products so I could show them on the program and give them away to my readers. These are just my humble opinions. I can, however, be bought off, so brand managers, let's talk.

Good Luck and if you win, I hope to be invited to your next tailgate.


Elizabeth said…
Since I'm the first person to comment does that mean I automatically win? Best of luck Sarah! I can't wait to watch the segment!!!
Megan said…
hi sarah! i haven't seen your debut on fox 19 but mom did, and she said you were a natural....so professional and that you just looked beautiful and spoke so well. i would have been a nervous wreck. can't wait to see it. so happy for you, and want to make chicken pesto grilled sandwiches soon. yum!!
Erin Benke said…
Love the lantern. I will be purchasing on those for my family. The bugs have been awful this year!!!

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