A Merry Little Christmas

I have spent the last month thinking about what to put in my Christmas Card letter this year. As you may recall, I have specific rules and limit myself to a single page no larger than the photo card I send with it. This year that seemed nearly impossible so I decided a blog post would be a better media spend than direct mail. I wanted to call this year a roller coaster but that doesn't do it justice. I think it was more like bungee jumping from a skydiving plane.

2012 started off like any typical year for the most part, although I was rather unhappy at my job and had been looking for new opportunities for a few months. As luck would have it, I found one I was really excited about, but I guess I had tuned out of my current job too soon and they let me go about 3 days before I would have turned in my two weeks notice. It was by no means how I wanted to go out, but I took their severance package and we had a great trip to Florida before I started my new gig.

My new job is going fantastic. It is exactly what I had been craving: respect from my team and authority over my brands. My little team of 4 have doubled the billings since I started in March. I couldn't be more thrilled with the opportunity and the challenges it brings.

I made no secret the issue we had in school this past spring. Being right in this case is entirely bitter-sweet. I always told the principal if the boys would just leave Alex alone, there wouldn't be any issues. Unfortunately we had to leave the school in order to test that theory. Alex is doing amazing at his new school. He has great friends. He doesn't complain about doing the school work and is putting in extra effort and taking pride in his academic achievements. You can see his self confidence in the way he walks now with his head held high. His teachers have told me he is a pleasure to have in class, they have no issues or concerns with his behavior and one told me it was clear he was raised right. She had no idea of what we had been through this year and the horrific accusations made against Pete and I so this little statement practically brought tears to my eyes. He has even been asked out by a few girls, to which he has said no because he is not really ready to have a girl friend yet. (neither am I)

Anna too has had a pretty big year. She competed in her first pageant and was thrilled with the results. It was a fun experience and I think the self confidence boost she needed to help her with the transition to her new school. She is also doing well, making friends and excited about going to middle school next year.

Ella continues to make us laugh everyday and surprises us with new phrases. She started speech therapy this fall and her vocabulary has just taken off. I guess with two parents, two older siblings and  grandparents who meet her every whim, she didn't have to say much and let us do it all for her. She is a bossy little thing and has us all wrapped around her finger.

My dad has started the third (and hopefully final) phase of his cancer treatment. He was diagnosed in July and went through chemo/radiation followed by surgery and now another few months of chemo. Thank you all for the prayers, kind words and support. Fingers crossed, we will hear cancer-free this spring.

Pete's company had a better year this year than the last few and next year is looking promising as well so with any luck we have turned a corner in the economic construction slump. (Maybe?) He has also spent 2012 examining what he wants out of life and has conquered some personal demons. I couldn't be more proud of him. This year we celebrated our 15th Wedding Anniversary and I think it was the best year in our relationship.

I would have never dreamed on January 1, 2012 what an insane year it was going to be. I feel we were pushed and pulled in every aspect of our lives but in the end it has been a year of tremendous growth. Parts of this year totally sucked but then they have turned out for the better so I guess it was meant to be. This year more than ever, we have to thank our friends, family and all those who reached out to offer their support and kind words. It truly helped get us through.

Honestly, I am looking forward to 2013:
  • I am ready for 2012 to come to an end
  • I am tired and hope 2013 is a bit calmer
  • I am excited to see what the future holds
From the bottom of my heart, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Season. Give your loved ones a kiss and remember to express the nice little thoughts you have. You never know how those words can change someone's life or give them the boost they need.


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